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bitcoin faucet list

The bitcoin faucet list, is a site where you can get bitcoin for free, the freebitcoin tap gives away the BTC cryptocurrency just for completing a captcha.

bitcoin faucet list

You can win Bitcoin for free, I do not advise you to use a script because you can lose your account and then you will stop winning.

In if there are strategies that can help you and it is possible to learn how to earn money faster.

There are many tricks on the Internet and especially on YouTube, but not all work, so before you start to try them, make your tests and start betting little.

Bitcoin faucet list. Many ways to earn free bitcoins

You can also win without tricks. Free Bitcoin is a way to earn Bitcoin for free, especially for those who start and want to know step by step what cryptocurrencies are.

You can get bitcoins for free, but do not expect to get rich. Or yes, because thanks to your betting system or the lottery you can multiply your balance a lot.

And, of course, with its reference system

For many of these tricks it is important to have a minimum balance. But it is possible that in some of the rounds you lose everything.

Although many videos and manuals tell you that it is always possible to win and not lose. It is not like this. There is always a round that can kick you out.


Protect your profits play with more bitcoin faucet list

So be careful. Always do tests. And do not abuse, better to earn 3 or 4 dollars each day than to abuse and lose everything and not be able to keep winning.

There are also tricks for low balance, but as I said before. Always test with small amounts and then upload.

That is, keep in mind that you can always lose everything. That will be the easiest.

The best strategy is to always keep a minimum of 30000 satoshis so that gives you a 4.08% daily.

My Bitcoin faucet list

Moon Bitcoin

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

HubrisOne Launches Private Seed Round on Seedrs


HubrisOne Technologies, the company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing all in-one fiat-cryptocurrency current account has just announced their new private seed round which is live on Seedrs. With over 14,000 users on their waiting list within 4 weeks, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in their rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £10.80.

This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in the cryptocurrency industry. The private round is limited to small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.

Interested investors can buy shares directly from the Seedrs platform here,

About HubrisOne:

HubrisOne is transforming and disrupting a $600 billion industry by changing the way people manage their cryptocurrency assets, manage their current bank accounts, send cross-border payments and more, all within a few taps.

Google Play App Download: REF: HB13110

Apple iOS link: REF: HB13110

Note: Each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights.


Invest via Seedrs:



IOS Download: REF: HB13110

Android Download: REF: HB13110

A few months ago, we sent out communication to the HubrisOne community about owning shares in our business.

The time is now. Our equity seed round is now live, this means you can own equity and become a shareholder in our business.

You can buy shares and check out our campaign using the link below:

We’ve received many questions and interest about the equity seed round, and we answer some of the most common below.

What does being a shareholder mean?

Being a shareholder means that you own a piece of our business, this means when we do well and grow, you will also benefit and receive a return on investment.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is only £12.15 – with this amount you could become a shareholder in HubrisOne Technologies.

How do i invest and what payment is accepted?

You can invest by using a debit card or by bank transfer directly to the platform.

Am I protected as an investor?

Each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights.

Which countries can invest and buy shares?

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit HubrisOne and download app for IOS or Android –
  2. Signup and verify your email address.
  3. Rewards are issued instantly. Once you complete the signup you will automatically receive 1,000 HBRS tokens ($20) in your wallet.
  4. Refer others and receive additional points
  5. App must remain installed otherwise you will be unable to claim the reward
  6. Rewards can be withdrawn or exchanged in May 2019.

Don’t forget to join our telegram!

🎉 Welcome to HubrisOne Official Group! 🎉

⭐️ HubrisOne is multi-currency current account that allows customers to create EUR, USD and GBP bank accounts, connect their existing bank accounts, create and manage their cryptocurrency wallets, execute cross-border payments, and you receive a HubrisOne debit card. We’re a current account that rewards you when spend, deposit and refer.

HubrisOne is multi-currency current account that allows customers to create EUR, USD and GBP bank accounts, connect their existing bank accounts, create and manage their cryptocurrency wallets, execute cross-border payments, in addition customers receive a secure debit card that’s crypto-fiat compatible.

We’re a current account that rewards you when spend, deposit and refer. Learn more about the HBRS token here:

We’re excited to you joining our growing community and becoming a customer of HubrisOne and using the HBRS token within the HubrisOne ecosystem. Now AirDrop ongoing! 🔥

Join over 13,500 members: Download App here & Receive $10 in HBRS tokens

📌 Google Play App Link: 📌 REF: HB13110

📌 Apple iOS App Link: REF: HB13110

Fieldcoin Ltd Will Decentralize the Agricultural Industry

Fieldcoin Ltd. Will Connect Landowners and Investors Generating Synergies


Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates property or land transactions to be carried out immediately, without intermediaries and in a secure environment.

Traditionally, at the local level, lands were negotiated in words. However, during the last few decades, globalization has distanced the owners from local investors. During the last few years, land owners and agrarian businesses have noticed how intermediaries changed – a change that affects both local economies and global markets.

Fieldcoin is using the current legal framework combined with blockchain technology to allow for faster and cheaper transactions. In this situational framework, Fieldcoin Ltd. provides sufficient tools to restore natural order.

The Fieldcoin platform is a digitized ecosystem for management and transfer without the high commission costs. It is a meeting point in which to trade locally or globally immediately and reliably. There are 2 ownership levels: “offchain”, to comply with national regulations and “onchain”, registered and negotiable in the blockchain. In their documentation they detail the offchain operations as follows:

“Fieldcoin Ltd or a third-party company DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) owns the property titles registered in the national land registry. The owner of the token owns a part of the company that represents the specific land acquired in the platform.”

Digitizing the Agricultural Sector by Offering Empowerment and Infrastructure Is Fieldcoin’s Immediate Objective

This is where onchain operations come into play. Logic is imposed and offers solutions to problems that have haunt us for decades. Sometimes, we see how some initial offer does not consolidate the idea presented, for different reasons. It is for this reason that the operating ecosystem must be precise and orderly. Creating a stable transactions instrument is the starting point. Taking advantage of the potential of blockchain technology, the platform will facilitate the process of operating with lands, thus opening an ecosystem of incalculable magnitudes.

The agrarian and industrial sector are inevitably united for logical reasons. However, the digital breach has increased in this pairing. It requires global solutions that promote the digitization of the sector that are solid and reliable.

For this, the founders and a large team of professionals have coordinated efforts with the Fieldcoin platform being the resulting product – a decentralized global marketplace that is involved in a whole platform of agrarian services and operations.

Fair Empowerment and P2P Crowdfunding, First Steps to Consolidate Adoption

FieldCoin will provide a transparent environment where collective financing will be promoted. In order to improve the sector, current innovations and results will be progressively seen. In the agricultural business sector, we find a broad spectrum in which to deepen.

Online management is something rooted for new generations. However, agriculture is a sector in which more traditional owners and investors converge. Fieldcoin puts a global market that operates 24/7 in the palm of your hand. In that market, another use case for the FCO token will take shape – funding. In the third quarter of 2019, the first agribusiness crowdfunding round is planned.

The platform will process proposals for improvement, research, scaling, and renovation among others. If we take into account the owners’ side, the change is total. The uncertainties and extra costs associated with intermediaries – operations with points of opacity, delays in collections, and abusive commissions – are all but eliminated.

Supporting the local farmer requires planning and, Fieldcoin will provide agricultural scaling plans. The synergy is materialized by supporting modern techniques, enhancing profitability and sustainability. The most realistic and innovative agricultural projects will be chosen and investors will be part of the equation with their contributions.

A More Efficient, Liquid and Sustainable Market That Offers Economic and Social Benefits

The Fieldcoin platform offering multiple use cases, all of which are linked together by the FCO token. Through the platform, land owners can access and manage a complete and diverse range of services.

In terms of buying or selling land, the panel offers an interactive portal from within its software. Buyers across the globe are connected through a panel oriented to crop management. The panel is meticulously designed, in addition to acquiring offers management on these plots or lands.

If on the other hand you want to build infrastructure or assess land, the panel itself consists of the necessary functions and enables access to a large team of professionals available to offer 24/7 support, something never seen in the rural sector. In addition to the aforementioned, on collective financing initiatives, liquidity variants are offered.

The FCO tokens will be considered valid as collateral, facilitating liquidity in the form of loans to token holders. In terms of liquidity and use case, the Depository Network (DEPO) has secured the first place. The decentralized multi-platform collateral Infrastructure will list the FCO token, accepting it as collateral for loans and deposits.

Utilizing traditional methods, many landowners receive payments for their crops months late. Therefore, the fact of tokenizing lands in a p2p ecosystem will offer a time frame according to natural needs. We will no longer see the producers having to wait months to be paid for their efforts and harvest. It’ll be finished with FCO.

Details About the FCO Token Sale Offered by Fieldcoin Ltd

FCO is an ERC-20 token whose value has been set at $0.05. The token sale will be offered in 2 different stages. Out of the 1 billion total token supply, 790 million are available for purchase by investors. The sum is distributed between the initial presale phase and the subsequent public sale. Additional amounts will be distributed as detailed in the white paper.

The first stage (presale) will run from February 4 to 12 and offers investors a 100% bonus for the first $1 million raised.’

The public sale begins on April 2 and will feature variable bonuses. For the first 100 million FCO tokens sold during the public sale, investors will be rewarded with a 50% bonus. The bonus decreases by 10% for each subsequent 100 million tokens.

Traceability from Land to Fork, Management 3.0 in a Fast and Transparent Ecosystem

In terms of services, blockchain technology ensures serious difficulties when someone tries cheat entries or registrations; With blockchain almost impossible to manipulate, the advantages over the traditional paper model for managing data records and their handling are evident. With these advantages, an entire ecosystem of global renewal enters the scene based on the traceability of food. The first to notice the benefit is the consumer, who enjoys freshness in their daily food guaranteed via blockchain.

The proposed model registers food inputs and outputs on the blockchain. Besides saving paper costs and rudimentary traditional methods, it speeds up the mobility of data interoperability because it is public and everybody can check the transaction history.

Times are changing, and new technologies offer greater accuracy managing Big Data. In terms of human resources, that records are stored publicly, reliably and safely brings effectiveness and profitability to management. In this way, professionals in the sector can spend less time in banalities and provide high quality information to customers, farmers and plot owners.

The Platform Will Promote Training and Sustainability, Both Local and Global Levels, Through the Fieldcoin Foundation

If you find the project presented by Fieldcoin Ltd (London, UK) interesting, we invite you to discover more. From the following official links you will be able to find information about the initiatives of The Fieldcoin Foundation. Among some initiatives are: The program of access to basic services such as water and electricity. Promote local employment through agricultural education and improve logistics by improving infrastructures in the prolific zones and their respective roads; Facilitate access to areas of interest for the project, local communities and their stakeholders.

Official Fieldcoin links:

ALCEDO Offers Real Cryptocurrency Adoption in its Purest Form

In the Midst of Broadening Cryptocurrency Adoption, ALCEDO Offers a Complete and User-Friendly System

alcedo platform

As the cryptocurrency market’s bearish trend of 2018 slowly begins to show signs of easing, the foundations for new trends are being forged. Now entering its second decade, the blockchain ecosystem continues to mature and is manifesting itself in increased cryptocurrency adoption.

Currently there are several online platforms that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat currency for daily use via bank transfer or card. However, as not all platforms support the same currencies, crypto or otherwise, these options often require multiple accounts. The required disclosure of personal data, as well as the difficult and cumbersome handling of the different platforms, is time consuming and inefficient.

The ALCEDO team offers a solution that addresses these shortcomings simply and elegantly. The ALCEDO platform began development in 2016 as an easy to use platform for gold and cryptocurrency saving plans. Designed for individuals and ecosystems that have adopted or plan to adopt cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, the ALCEDO platform provides fluid and transparent access to the most advanced global financial ecosystems.

One crucial element that is necessary for cryptocurrency adoption is convenience. For adoption to flourish, the end user cannot feel that any extra effort is necessary on his or her part to use cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple crypto wallets and complicated platforms. ALCEDO allows users to facilitate both cash and cashless transactions is compatible with all major cryptocurrencies.

ALCEDO Will Provide a System Designed for the Next Wave of Cryptocurrency Adoption

Without neglecting the present and its rich portfolio of relationships, the ALCEDO team has thought about the future; both, in the medium and long term. To improve cryptocurrency adoption rates, a virtual and physical ecosystem has been designed. Every time we see fewer bank branches, they close small branches and pass their huge listings to central offices. This trend brings the physical access points of customers towards a more centralized system if possible. These movements demonstrate a coming change.

In order to satisfy the obvious needs of a young blockchain market, several points support the ecosystem around the ALCEDO token (ALCE). The abysmal difference between ATMs compatible with cryptocurrencies and those that are not compatible is patent; We can affirm that there is no possible comparison yet. For this, a push aimed at installing more ATMs compatible with cryptocurrencies (hereinafter K-ATM) and tokens was necessary; ALCEDO will invest a part of its capital in this, installing progressively K-ATMs. We recommend consulting the white paper for more details on the K-ATM machines installation plan.

In 2019, the Trend Is Aiming Towards the Functionality of Wallets as a Way to Success

The objective of the ALCEDO core stands out at first sight. A very complete ecosystem around the client, unified by physical and virtual supports. Hybridization in all senses, compatible with the financial ecosystems and the daily life of the user. In the project whitepaper, the team states:

Our main goal is the service to our customers by setting up physical POINTS supported by our service experts and crypto machines.”

To access the ALCEDO platform, all you need is a smart phone and an Internet connection. From there, the wallet offers a system of self-management to exchange, transfer, and convert currencies. You can easily exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa. The integrated ATM system provides total freedom for exchange management in a secure environment.

The ALCEDO Card – a Bridge Between the Traditional and Crypto Fintech World

In newly created ecosystems, the focus is often on supplanting the traditional system, but that can be too ambitious in the short term. Therefore, the easiest solution for gaining an early foothold, for viable use cases, is to integrate the newly created crypto systems with the traditional one. Acting as a bridge between crypto and traditional fintech, the ALCEDO debit card allows customers to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at ALCEDO ATMs and POS terminals.

In addition to the standard use cases, ALCEDO’s partnership with ClickGem will offer a whole associated ecosystem to provide liquidity and other advantages. The cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly and adoption opens up all manner of use case possibilities in both the crypto and traditional fintech world. For this reason, the ALCEDO card will offer a bridge between the two financial worlds; offering liquidity in both directions.

ClickGem Will Provide More Users, More Volume and More Versatility in a Hybridized Environment

The ClickGem project represents an ecosystem that combines compatible applications with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, making ALCEDO’s options and use cases that much more robust.

Its letter of introduction is the ClickGem payment gateway, which provides support to buyers with any fiduciary or cryptocurrency currency without friction. In this aspect, the partnership with the ALCEDO Platform expands the capabilities of the currency exchange and use of its token.

ClickGem manages a platform to facilitate the purchasing process by integrating and supporting transactions between most of the major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The process becomes very simple through the platform’s API and an ecosystem of connected apps.

ALCEDO Access Points Demonstrate the Progress of the Crypto Industry Through Physical P2P Services

ALCEDO access points (ALCEDO Points) are available under a franchise system, which will create jobs and allow for a greater and faster acceptance of the ecosystem. The first ALCEDO Point was launched on September 1, 2018.

The ALCEDO core team ensures that the ALCEDO Points are staffed by the best advisors who are professionally trained and conveniently accessible. The licensing rights for a franchise can only be paid for with ALCE tokens.

Providing use cases, a reliable and tangible place of information, demand and volume of operations of the ALCE token… all of these aspects form an ecosystem that is set apart from other crypto platform offerings, but it is the ALCEDO Point that really distinguishes it from other contenders.

Since users are already able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform, franchise owners can start to operate completely independent of the ALCE token ICO.

The ALCE Token Sale Offers Advantages to Early Investors

The ALCEDO token sale is already underway and is being held in three phases. Phase 1 was launched on December 1, 2018 and has almost reached its end. During this phase, participants will receive a 50% discount on all token purchases – 0.20 € per ALCE instead of 0.40 €. The last day to purchase ALCE tokens during this phase is January 31, 2019.

The dates for the remaining two phases and their respective discounts are as follows:

Phase 2

  • February 1 – March 31, 2019
  • 0.30 € per ALCE
  • 25% discount

Phase 3

  • April 1 – May 31, 2019
  • 0.40 € per ALCE
  • No discount

ALCE is an ERC-20 token with a total coin supply of 100 million ALCE. 40 million ALCE are earmarked for the token sale and may be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or PayPal.

For more information about ALCEDO and its ALCE token, please visit the resources below:

Token sale:

Bitclub referrals, the first and second line

The Bitclub referrals, here we explain everything you need to know about your compensation system.

When this person has in his first line, that is, in his second line, let’s say five people. These in turn are cycling five times.

Turns and cycling in Bitclub referrals

Then his collaborator receives for these 25 cycles 10 dollars, respectively or 250 dollars. But not only him, but you too, and so on up to level 8. There is no time limitation, that is, it does not matter how late people get to billing a cycle.

It will always charge and there is no limit on the payment of the amount. Nor do you need another qualification. I admit, that at first everything sounds a bit complicated. It is also highly stimulating to observe this process in your back office. So far we have only talked about the first two forms of bonuses, the cycle and the bonus machine.

Now we come to the level bonuses. This bonus consists of the commission payment of 5 to 8%, on each new member in your team. But the icing on the cake that carries the level bonus is. Upon reaching level 10, the commissions amount to 18% on the automatic reinvestments of the shares in the pool.

There are no Saturdays or Sundays. All our computers are working every day of the month. There are payments and reinvestments in more shares in the pool every day of the week. From your entire organization you are paid small percentages of reinvestments every day.

They are small amounts that are added to incredible payments. This sounds pretty tempting, right? But … Where does the pile of money that we are distributing come from?

Here you can start to know Bitclub if you have come to this article directly.

You will have much more information that will solve your doubts.

Steps to get started on Bitclub Network

The steps to get started on Bitclub Network

These are the steps to get started on Bitclub Network.

1- Register absolutely FREE Register for free. You can do it with your name or completely anonymously is your free decision. As Bitclub Network only accepts payments in bitcoins, and pays commissions exclusively in bitcoins. You do not need to know who is behind each account. That is why it is possible and allowed to open as many positions as you wish. In case you have any doubts you can ask for help with just one call. They will have the possibility to clarify all their open questions in a telephone conversation with the person who recommended them.

2- Open totally free an ewallet or purse in Xapo, Blockchain or any other exchange. Once the account is verified, you deposit money in your ewallet to make your transfers to Bitclub Network. There are considerable oscillations within the bitcoin, so we recommend entering a little more than necessary in your ewallet. If you want to start with the full pool, you need 99 dollars of membership plus $ 3,500 of the pools. This means that if they are $ 3,600 in total, he recommends making a transfer of 3,800 or better than $ 4,000.

3- Buy your robots with the money entered, now for Bitcoin mining in Bitclub Network. We want to ensure that each of our collaborators is able to present our idea from the first moment. For that we teach to do it professionally to friends, acquaintances or any other. We have created exclusively for our partners, a special online system to recruit new members. Our experience shows that this system beats the best talent. This experience allows them to inform, from the first day, possible interested parties with all professionalism.

4- Enjoy your profits And now I just have to say goodbye to you ladies and gentlemen. I hope I have not overloaded you with information. I trust that I could excite you a little bit, for these promising opportunities of a new era. Maybe you want to go deeper by reviewing the presentation again, it’s like everywhere practice makes perfect.

Welcome to Bitclub Network and we see each other inside. Much success in the future.

Bitclub commission cycles

What happened then?

The Bitclub commission cycles. The first green person on the left foot, now also has 15 credits on his left team. The blue, in his team has made another 15 credits, which means that this account has just won 200 dollars. The same on the right this account. The right, now also has 15 credits on the left and another 15 on the right, that is, it has won $ 200. He continues to evolve his team, and now the person down to the left, is building his left and right side.

More Bitclub commission

There are another 30 credits left for you, and the blue person has earned $ 200. Now the person on the bottom right does the same, adding two people to the business and earning $ 200. This brings another 30 credits for your right foot, what two payments of 200 dollars mean to you. That is, every time when 15 credits are generated in your left or right foot, a cycle is invoiced.

That is why you receive 200 dollars. And that, as I mentioned before, you can do it up to 10 times a day. Also, for each account additionally, there is a machine bonus. It means that each time a member of their teams invoices a cycle, they earn a bonus towards the eighth generation.

This means that each billing of $ 200 generates another $ 80 for the eight generations over. An example; you have recommended a person to Bitclub Network, if they invoice a cycle and charge $ 200; you receive a $ 10 bonus machine as a reward for having brought it. If this person is cycled six times a day, we pay him $ 10 six times.

More about cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin. If you need more information you can read this blog.

What is Bitclub Network – Compensation plan and profits

BitClub Network was born in September 2014. It belongs to a team of professionals, business experts, network distributors. These have come together to contribute to the biggest monetary value event that is bitcoin.

Everyone who wants to can join Bitclub network of free form. Once inside you can explain the platform and decide if you want to start earning money online, earning money with our mining machines.

Bitclub network headquarters

There are a very important community of networkers from all over America and Europe, so we invite you to join Bitclub network with us, and start generating money every day.

What is the goal of Bitclub Network?

The goal of Bitclub Network is none other than to help people interested in investing in bitcoin, to make them participate in an ambitious project, so that they can earn money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while you are starting to move in the world of digital currency. BitClub was created to help, educate, give a service, and finally make our affiliate benefit this new emerging industry as the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

They offer a renewed and continuous field in cryptocurrency mining, expanding our mining pools and offering mining options with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash. With the intention of adding each time, more currencies in the future that may be more profitable for our members. So far we are one of the largest bitcoin and critomy mining communities in the world.

How can you belong to Bitclub Network?

You can register for FREE in this community. This gives you access to your control panel and little else. You can see all the information about bitclub once inside, but on its own you will not generate any money.

How to register in bitclub network

In order to get the most out of the Bitclub network platform, what you should do first is to become a member by paying the membership for life. With a single payment you would have it forever. This cost is 99 $ at the moment.

You can become a FREE member. Once you have your Bitclub network membership, you can start earning money online. You will be ready to buy your mining robots. These are the ones that are going to generate bitcoins and other crypttomes such as Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. Although in the near future they will be adding more cryptocurrencies.

I think it would not be necessary to ask what version they would prefer when entering the Bitclub network. You would choose the one-time payment of 99 dollars, being able to be partners for life, or the one of FREE that will hardly give you benefits. How can you make money with Bitclub Network? There are two great ways to earn money with bitclub network. One would be in inverter mode and the other in network mode. We will explain in detail each of the ways to earn money with bitclub network.

1º.- Investor mode

The investor mode in the bitclub network is the person who wants to do the business of bitcoin mining or other critics such as Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. These do not want or do not know how to benefit from the business that the platadorma offers to promote bitclub network. That is to say, you would buy your robots from minados or “pools”, and you would start to make money “Every day” for the own mines of the robot. Depending on the mining blocks you discover, you will charge more or less bitcoins or the crypto-models you decide to mine. The greater the number of robots, the greater your daily profits.

2º.- Network mode

The network mode, or bitclub network mode, is just the way to make money promoting the business among other people. It has a very attractive compensation plan, which will be explained later.

Bitclub Network compensation plan

The Bitclub Network compensation plan is tremendously ambitious. As explained in the video, either only by undermining or recommending the system, you could end up earning large amounts of money. This can be done working from home, and knowing how to invest in bitcoin. Bitclub network you have opinions that are almost entirely positive. This makes it a reliable company when it comes to mining bitcoins.

In Bitclub Network you have the option to participate in three different points. What we recommend is to have at least one participation in each of them. Additionally we have a digital currency of the club coin. For every dollar invested in Bitclub Network, the company gives you a stake in those club coins, which means another equivalent value.

The bitcoin mining robot in Bitclub network

The principle of “pooles” or robots for mining bitcoins, works like this: A stake in a mining pool costs 500 dollars, and has a mining duration of 1,000 days. during these 1000 days, you receive daily distributions in bitcoins, of which 50% is destined to buy other participations in that pool. In pool number 2, the payment increases by 60%, while 40% of the daily distribution will be reinvested. In Pool 3, this ratio changes to 70 percent, with 30 percent of the amount being re-purchased.

But does it mean that after a thousand days your participation ends? No. What you have bought initially is invested in new computer technology, thus improving the efficiency in producing new bitcoins thanks to the partial reinvestment of distribution during those thousand days. You will nevertheless continue to receive bitcoin payments while the bitcoin mining is lucrative, this could extend to another 10, 15, 20, 25 years or who knows, even much more. Well, so far, dear readers, those who enter Bitclub use this information only for their own benefit. An exclusive information, in which it recommends you to save part of your money by investing in Bitclub Network.

Transactions with Bitcoins

With Bitcoin, you get rid of a lot of commissions and are totally independent, as it is a decentralized currency. The mining of Bitcoin is very easy, and it is very likely that it will be the money of the future. At this point, I recommend you to put Bitcoins to work as soon as possible, multiply your bitcoins, getting holdings in Bitclub Networks.

Be aware that, if you have chosen to join Bitclub Network, the options of earning money with bitcoins are very high, and as I said so far, they have not talked to anyone about the information received, and they do not have to do it if they do not want it if they do not comment to anyone and use this model exclusively for their own benefit, well, they have made a good investment and are really on track.

Even if more collaborators and investors are not added to our Bitclub network, current investors will continue to take advantage of the pool’s successes every day, although we know from our own experience that the new bitclub network partners, upon entering, are already so enthusiastic that They begin to tell their family, friends and acquaintances, and this is why, from Bitclub Network, it offers apart from the possibility of investment, a lucrative model of provision for bringing new partners. No need to advertise, we know that the best propaganda is the recommendation of a person who became a convinced bitclub member. It is a unique model worldwide, because it does not rely exclusively on recruiting new members, and so that we do not misunderstand each other, the more members we have, the bigger the pool, and of course, how much bigger and more effective our computer skills are, more blocks of bitcoins we are going to mine.

How to grow in Bitclub Network

No doubt we will not deny it, naturally we want to grow, but unlike other companies, the money comes from outside the organization, and we do not just distribute the money of the partners within the system.

Only that is a real revolution, our high-performance computers are generating new bitcoins every day, which are distributed among our investors. But if you are interested in making additional money, with profitable business models, the bonus system has great potential.

Before going into details, I want to mention that some of our members are already making hundreds of dollars in Bitcoin with Bitclub network, in just a few days, and that is a few weeks away. But that is not the thing, we have collaborators who after five or six months within the Bitclub Network platform, get a 5-digit monthly profit, and I’m not talking about $ 10,000 or $ 20,000, but rather 50, 60 or 70 One thousand dollars.

They do this because, each one sees how their investment evolves day by day and each one receives their bitcoins every day in profits, and in the end ends up counting sooner or later to their relatives, friends and acquaintances the opportunity of the Bitclub platadorma, and thus a chain of recommendations arises that is the basis of a very lucrative model.

Different forms of income

Bitclub Network has five different forms of income, that is, you have the possibility of receiving five different bonuses.

1- BINARY EQUIPMENT CYCLE BONUS: Generates income up to 10 times a day just by getting “credits”. These credits will come from your left and right side, and you will be paid $ 200 each time you reach 15 credits.

2- BINARY PARTY BONDS Or machine bonus that goes on eight generations, that is, you will charge a percentage of each of your descendants up to the eighth generation.

3- HIGHER LEVEL BONDS This plan pays through all the infinite levels below you, and you will earn bitcoins based on which team you have and where your sponsored ones fall. There are 4 possible teams based on the number of people you registered in Bitclub Network.

4- LEVEL BONDS Using the same structure of Level 3, but differentiating in that you will earn MORE commissions in bitcoins, for all the partial actions and repurchases made by all the members of your team.

5- INFINITE RESIDUAL BOND It is an extensive payment bonus. They are small percentages of bonus that can represent large commissions. Dynamic compression is used that determines the next range to pay. It is very important to ask them to fully understand this system of promotion from the beginning, what matters to me is that they understand the fantastic possibilities offered by Blitclub Network, with daily payments, in a binary system worldwide, and infinitely deep.

Example of the Bitclub Network System

Try to explain an example that is explained in the video of how to make money with Bitclub network. To begin with I have to explain that the billing system values ​​a participation in the pool, which we call credits. A participation in the pool of $ 500 is equivalent to 3 credits, a participation in pool 2 is equivalent to 6 credits and pool 3 would be 12 credits.

If you participate in the complete pool or “founder”, it means that you participate in each of the pools with one participation, adding up to twenty-one credits. And now we take a look at the structure of the system: See how the recommendations system is organized, you are at the top. He has a team on the left and one on the right, now he has the possibility of creating two accounts underneath, one on the left foot and one on the right foot.

Berve Comment … A brief comment for the experts in this form of distribution, you can also manage more positions, that is, more accounts at once, but now we talk about your team. This one up there is you, and one team left and another one right. We assume that someone from the left team has bought shares worth 2,500 dollars, that’s equivalent to 15 credits, the same happens to the right side, here is also someone who became a member by his recommendation bringing another 15 credits to his team. At this time, a cycle is billed and you receive $ 200.

Now the new member on the left brings another person to the business, and his partner on the right team does the same. Each of them brings another 15 credits, this means for you 15 credits from both teams and you get another payment of 200 dollars. His first two collaborators also say I want to make money with my own equipment !, and they bring one person to the left foot and another to the right foot. They are again 15 credits on each side, and again 200 dollars for your account.

  • bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 3,899.98 7.9%
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 145.74 14.2%
  • rippleXRP (XRP) $ 0.322064 7.49%
  • eosEOS (EOS) $ 3.43 22.15%
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 47.93 11.17%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 143.45 18.31%
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 0.999726 0.08%
  • tronTRON (TRX) $ 0.024889 5.55%
  • stellarStellar (XLM) $ 0.083566 7.11%
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 0.045986 13.11%