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Cresio, the multi-exchange platform will reward XCRE token hodlers

The ILO of Cresio XCRE token has been completed and we now know that HODLing and staking will be rewarded.


The multi-exchange platform Cresio aims to revolutionise the market by allowing its users to interact with both centralised and decentralised exchanges. So far they have already announced Binance, CoinbasePro, Bittrex, JamonSwap, UniSwap and PancakeSwap exchanges.

This is a significant change for many traders who will be able to do advanced trading from a single platform, without having to open different browsers, pages or tabs for each of them.

Cresio platform features

Multi-Exchange, now traders and cryptocurrency users will not have to jump from one exchange to another to trade their favourite cryptocurrencies. It is very difficult for all exchanges to have all the crypto assets that come on the market almost every day.

Get quality and timely signals so as not to miss market opportunities.

Financial reports, history generation, graphs that we can download in a simple way to use them wherever we need.

The user will be able to create programmed alerts according to his interest and way of working. We will be able to receive notifications about new cryptocurrencies listed.

Updated information on markets and arbitrage, it is extremely important to have the latest data available.

In Cresio we will be able to create programmed buy, sell, stop-loss and even scalping operations. In addition, we also have the possibility of programming static and dynamic stop-loss orders, and even for continuous buy and sell futures.

cresio multi exchange

Cresio XCRE Token

Token name: Cresio
Abbreviation: XCRE
Total supply: 40.000.000 XCRE
Phase 1 ILO price: 1 Matic = 40XCRE (300 MATIC P/W)
ILO Phase 2 Price: 1 Matic = 20 XCRE (1500MATIC P/W)
Listed Price: 1 Matic = 16.5 XCRE
HardCap: 175,000 Matic
Sofcap: 75,000 Matic (Already exceeded)

XCRE will be the only payment method within the platform. Token created on the Polygon network (MATIC) which can also be staked to generate more profit passively.

cresio token xcre

XCRE Wallethold

During the first year you will be able to stake and receive an 8% annual APR. The duration of the stake is 12 months and you will be rewarded with 0.66% per month. It will be automatically blocked, but you will be able to leave at any time, deducting the remaining months to complete the year. You will also be able to stake LP liquidity tokens at 18% APR in the first year.

In the second year, Cresio will share 40% of the platform fees among the hodlers. Thirty percent will be split between XCRE stakers and 70% between LP liquidity tokens.

Cresio launches its own NFTs

These NFTs will be of 3 different types, bronze, silver and gold. Several NFTs will be raffled among XCRE hodlers and the rest will be available at auction on a marketplace.

Having these NFT will grant very interesting privileges for XCRE hodlers and users of the platform.

Interesting links

Cresio official website

ILO at JamonSwap




Juicy Fields gives you the opportunity to invest in the crowd growing business

The Juicy Fields platform has been operating since 2019, although its foundation dates back to 2017 and offers anyone to enter the world of investment and legal crowd growing of medical cannabis.

The idea is none other than to allow anyone to enter the business of this ever-growing market from an investment of €50.

The burgeoning medical cannabis industry

Undoubtedly, cannabis is always controversial and will always have its detractors, but on the other hand it has been more than proven that its medicinal use can help many patients with different illnesses.

juicyfields profitability

That is why Juicy Fields has managed to enter a market that is becoming increasingly powerful and that moves more and more amounts, in all senses of the word. And it offers through its platform the possibility of becoming a grower, without having to do it at home, simply by supporting projects and crops in different areas and countries.

How does Juicy Fields do it?

  • Obtaining licenses.
  • Raising capital, through crowd growing.
  • Obtaining suitable land or greenhouses.
  • Hiring employees and managers.
  • Training employees and management.
  • Hiring service providers, such as lawyers.

You as an investor only have to provide capital, which would be the second item on the list, the rest is taken care of by the company behind the platform.

For any project, the most difficult thing is generally to raise the capital needed to set up the infrastructure and be able to go to market. Juicy Fields has solved this problem with this formula.

juicy fields io

But why don’t they ask banks for money?

As I mentioned earlier, cannabis is still a taboo subject, even if it is medicinal, so many banks and lending companies do not tend to make things easy.

In addition, legislation in many countries does not help at all, either by omission or prohibition. Not to mention the bureaucracy and the slowness with which legislation changes.

How does the Juicy Fields business work?

Juicy Fields matches investors with medical cannabis companies in need of funding. This way all parties benefit.

Growers receive the money to be able to plant, harvest and then sell to the medical industry.

And the investors in return receive a percentage of profits on the harvest obtained, after it is sold.

How to get started on the platform?

First, you must be over 21 years old. This is the only legal requirement.

It’s very simple, you just have to register, for free. Once you are in you will access the management panel where you can see the types of plants that can be grown, choose the one that best suits your investor profile.

Payment can be made in both cryptocurrencies and FIAT money. Something that also gives you a lot of security is that they allow you to invest with euros or dollars, as not many payment gateways accept this type of business or similar.

Once you have made the payment, you will have to wait the stipulated time for the type of plant you have chosen, you just have to wait for it to be harvested and you can sell it to obtain the profit. This can vary depending on each harvest, which is also understandable in a crop that will not always give you the same yield.

juicy fields opinion

But is Juicy Fields legal?

It is completely legal as the cultivation and processing partners have the necessary licenses from their countries of origin.

How did Juicy Fields come about?

The business started in Spain, although there were many difficulties as we have already mentioned in terms of legislation and permits.

So the idea arose to create a platform for people like the founders, who wanted to become growers of these types of plantations, but did not have enough capital to get started.

After a long time of study, not only of the type of plants, but also of marketing, international trade agreements and legislation, they decided to create a platform to help this type of people.

The team has been joined by people from different fields with knowledge and professional experience that make the project more and more robust.

The idea for the future of Juicy Fields is to have more than 20 associated projects, and to become the main international Medical Cannabis brand.

juicyfields is reliable

How do I buy plants on the platform?

You must choose the type of plant you want, you have 4 possibilities:

  • JuicyFlash, a single harvest, the cheapest investment.
  • JuicyMist, renewal every 3 years, four harvests per year, so you don’t have to buy again every 3 and a half months.
  • JuicyKush: renewal every 4 years, three harvests per year but heavier.
  • JuicyHaza: Renewal every 5 years, two harvests per year, which has a higher selling price and a higher yield per harvest.

Once you have chosen the type of plant and the quantity of the order, you will be taken to another page where you can review the order and click on buy.

payment methods

And finally you only have to choose the method of payment, you have 4 possibilities:

  • Bank transfer, it may take several days for the payment to be reflected on the platform due to the type of payment and international transfers.
  • Bitcoin, is the most recommended and generally the cheapest of the crypto options. The payment process can take at most 1 hour, depending on the wallet from which you pay.
  • Ethereum, the only drawback is the fees you have to pay, which are currently quite high.
  • tether (USDT), a dollar-pegged stablecoin, also from the Ethereum network.

Once you have made the payment and it has been verified on the platform, you will only have to wait for the stipulated time for each plant to sell the harvest and receive your profits.

In conclusion

A very modern project, which has been able to adapt to the needs of the market and launch a company that covers a need that is increasingly in demand.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

*On this page we are not official employees of Juicy Fields, we work independently as an advertising partner.

PEPPER FINANCE, Looking for sustainable DeFi profitability over time

PEPPER Finance is another of the projects in the ecosystem that continues to create Project PEPS. It offers profitability in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) AMMs.

About a month after the launch we can see that PEPR Finance is still looking for ways to generate revenue through the Binance network. To do so, it has had to make important decisions, which have managed to recover the price on several occasions. In the world of AMMs (Automated Market Maker) in DeFi, few are those that exceed one or two weeks of life.

pepr farms


PEPR FINANCE has found a good solution to FARM inflation problems. Here are some of the measures that have been taken:

✅ High APR %🔥.

This means that if you invest in PEPR, i.e. in all pairs that include their currency. You are going to be able to achieve high daily returns. If you are familiar with the DeFi world, you will know that the APR depends a lot on the amount of investments there are. But even so, Pepper Finance has managed to strike a balance between locking in deposits and generating profits.

pepper finance apr

✅ Small Circulating Supply 💰

At the moment there is a very small amount of PEPR in circulation so there is no problem of inflation or large whales affecting the price.

✅ Low Issuance Rate 0.1/Block ☢️

Another thing that helps a lot to ensure that inflation does not occur and cannot be affected by the movements of large holders is low issuance.

On the other hand, this also ensures the continuity and long-term sustainability of the project.

✅ No layered farming affecting inflation 🙅

Farming options have been adjusted to be inflation-neutral. The PEPR Finance project aims to generate income for a long time and for this purpose the farms have been studied a lot and all investments help to improve the price and the power of PEPR in the market.

✅ Small supply. Maximum 7.777.777 PEPR – PEPPER Finance

With a supply below 8 million, even with little interest from investors a project can be maintained, which in the long run generates profits.

✅ Governance and strong liquidity 🛢️

Governance and being able to have control by investors always helps a project to be much more transparent and respected.

In addition, thanks to all the previous work with version 1 and the changes that have made possible a much more robust and powerful platform and currency; PEPR has a great liquidity that allows any purchase to have almost no commission. This is not the case with many other projects where the impact on the price can be more than 50% in many cases.

✅ ReentrancyGuard Contract 🛡️

Prevent a contract from calling itself, directly or indirectly. Calling a non-Reentrancy function from another function is not supported.

PEPR Finance has put a lot of emphasis on protection and security, to avoid any kind of hacking or theft of information or currencies.

✅ PEPPER Finance Is Compatible With PancakeSwap V2 🍰

The change of PancakeSwap has caused many platforms to fail outright or to fail to adapt. In the case of PEPR Finance, they are always one step ahead by offering the latest developments and improvements that the big AMMs offer in order to avoid any compatibility issues and offer investors the best option.

pepper finance masterchef contract

✅ Audited, Tested and Secure Code 🚧

As we have already mentioned above, at PEPS they take the issue of security very seriously, which is why they have been creating solutions and a complete ecosystem of services since 2017.

PEPR Finance has already been audited, and you can check the results in the following report.

✅ Audit report


🌀 CoinMarketCap:

🦎 CoinGecko:






📖 Documentation, tokenomics:

📉 Charts:



Wetrading, investing in Bitcoin with weekly profits

Wetrading, investing in Bitcoin with weekly profits


In July 2021 WeTrading’s trading account burned down and closed its operations.

WeTrading, Cryptominingroup reinvents itself with many more and better features. The best way to invest in Bitcoins. In our opinion, and after having tested many platforms and seen many others fall. If there is one we are sure about, it is WeTrading.

Why Wetrading?

we trading

Transparency of the team and its operations

Transparency, the WeTrading team has always been forthcoming and has disclosed all the information that investors have requested. As long as this information does not compromise the security and stability of the platform.

Security of our investments

Security, if one thing this platform has proven is that our capital is in safe hands and in all the time it has been working no one has ever lost capital by hacking, phishing or any other method. Furthermore, the funds are safe in the broker’s liquidity providers, so that even if the website were hacked, it would not be possible to access them.

It should also be noted that every withdrawal involves a process, and the investor can cancel it or notify support if any anomaly is observed.

Company honesty and responsiveness

Honesty, I have not seen until now, and I have been in the investment world for quite some time, and I have lost on some platforms, a company that offers to cover the losses caused by the operation.

WeTrading has done so with 18% of all the capital invested, for those investors, including myself, who have bet on the platform and believe in its good work.

Innovation and I+D

Innovation in both the platform and the bots. If it is true that at the moment the platform has opted to use more professional bots with much more experience in the markets, they are still working on their own bots to incorporate them into their operations in the future.

I have never seen such a lively platform that adapts to the needs of users and investors.

In fact, the new WeTrading platform is a qualitative and quantitative leap compared to what we had in Crypto Mining Group. A team of developers that always listens and offers improvements within the possibilities of the company and the platform.

Bitcoin and BTC only

bitcoin wetrading

The platform always works with Bitcoin, at no time is it changed; so that the investor, apart from receiving his profit every week in BTC, can also see its value increase against the dollar or euro.

At WeTrading you will always have Bitcoins and you don’t have to worry about exchanging them for another currency.

Recoupable investments, sustainable profit system and circle of friendship

Many platforms fail because they try to offer fixed or much higher profits than can be generated with the normal operation of the company.

This is not how it works here at WeTrading. The profits that are distributed are always those generated by trading. This means that the investors’ capital is never touched.

Even the Circle of Friendship is very well studied, profits will only be distributed if the operation of that week has been positive.

And last but not least, investments here are not sunk. On the contrary, after the 90 days of blocking, the investor can decide to withdraw his capital, part of it or leave it generating more profits, but without blocking. In other words, he can withdraw it at any time he chooses.

The Wetrading company

logo wetrading

WeTrading as a company has been operating for more than 3 years, but it has been able to adapt to the needs and changes that are sometimes abrupt and sometimes necessary to be in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, now the company is registered in Delaware (USA) under the name FINANCIAL GLOBAL NETWORK LLC, its registration number is 5474651, all data can be consulted on the website of the State of Delaware.

The change is also something natural caused by the needs and changes suffered by the previous headquarters in the UK, a country at the moment, less friendly to everything related to cryptocurrencies.

What does Wetrading offer?

A cooperative investment platform for Forex trading. A pool where anyone can invest in the forex market with a minimum investment of 0.005 BTC. Something unthinkable for most people who are not involved in finance or who do not have a large purchasing power.

The Forex market may seem accessible to everyone, there are many platforms that offer you free accounts and possibilities to invest, but the reality is quite different. If you do not have a large amount of capital invested, in 99% of cases these investment accounts end up being burned by some sudden market movement.

At WeTrading, they offer the possibility of being part of a large pool, and as an investor you will always obtain profits as a percentage of the invested capital. There is strength in numbers, and in this business it is more than proven.

Moreover, WeTrading is one of the few, if not the only platform that has managed to perfectly combine the two worlds of FIAT with Forex trading and cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin.

More Security

From mid-May it will be mandatory to pass a KYC, very simple, but that will make the platform a safer place, on the one hand because the legislation requires it. On the other hand, because investors will be able to prove that they have their capital invested and they or any person representing them will be able to recover it at any time.

KYC only requires an identity card or passport on both sides, a selfie and a few facial movements in front of the camera. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to pass and results are usually given in 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes even sooner.

A very easy way to register and participate

how to participate

As you can see in the image, the steps are very simple:

Register for free on the platform.
Make a deposit of 0.005 BTC and create your first investment.
From the following week you will start to generate profits with your investment.
If you want, it is not mandatory, you can invite other people, and start creating your friendship circle.
And you will also start earning from your referrals every week.

WeTrading returns and profits

returns and profits wetrading

In the image above you can see the profit distribution as well as the profitability and profit sharing features.

  • The user or investors take 70% of the profits generated by their capital each week. Directly to their Available Balance or reinvested if they wish.
  • There is a 16% profit that is distributed among the whole circle of friends.
  • And the company keeps 14% of the weekly profit to maintain the platform, pay for servers, team salaries.
  • The company is trying to make a monthly profit of between 6% and 8%. But these are not exact figures, as Forex trading depends at all times on the market and the trades that are closed.
  • Investors can activate compound interest, which allows them to increase their capital week after week and thus participate in the pool with more and more investment.

Wetrading Friendship Circle

The company has also wanted to reward those who network, and understands that this is a way for the pool and the platform to grow organically, thanks to the recommendations and work of investors.

But always in a sustainable way, so it is stressed that there are only profits if the operation of the week has generated them.

Nobody earns by inviting people, but by the profits of the capital invested by its affiliates.


WeTrading memberships only offer certain benefits to those who decide to become Premium. It is not mandatory, and in fact just by registering for free you already have everything you need as an investor.

Only if you want to expand your Friendship Circle or withdraw every week with a 50% commission discount, you are rewarded by activating the Premium membership. That’s just $15 in CMGCoin, the currency of WeTrading.

CMGCoin is the currency of Wetrading


A project that was born several years ago and still remains as another way to generate income with this company.

CMG is always evolving and in fact we will soon know new methods of earning with CMGCoin.

At the moment it is used to pay the premium membership within the platform and can be found in some exchanges such as:

A real team behind Wetrading

Another thing that makes them transparent and real is that they show their faces, and you can check their real profiles. Besides, every week they do 1 or 2 live zooms with the team.

And on Telegram you can consult them directly.

From the CEO, to the COO and CCO, and of course a great team of developers. Each and every one of them are very close and at all times are available to resolve doubts and questions from all investors.


A Bitcoin investment platform that offers profits in BTC and with a track record of more than 3 years working to improve and adapt to the needs of investors.

My experience, in these 8 months that I have been with WeTrading (Cryptominingroup) and almost two years knowing the company is very positive, at all times they have given their face and have always put the benefit and security of their investors first.

In fact, even a month ago with a major trading loss, they were able to recover in just a few days and provide a solution, never seen before, to cover the loss on the part of the company. That for me is definitely enough to trust WeTrading.

ONIX TECH GROUP, sustainable passive income over time

If you have come this far, you are a person interested in the world of investments. And if you have some experience, you will know that there are two fundamental factors that interest those of us who have already come a long way. One is the ability to generate profits in a sustained way over time. And another is the ability to keep going over time. Precisely focused on these two fundamental aspects we have today’s proposal: OnixTechGroup.

onix tech group

What is Onix Tech Group?

Onix Tech Group is a software company that has developed its OWN trading bot – the OnixBot 2.0 – for the Forex market that performs automatic trading operations. Both the company and its flagship product – Low Risk Invest – have just recently been launched on the market, although testing and development have been going on for more than a year.

Company number: 13142843

Fundamental characteristics of the investment with Onix Tech Group

Obtaining profits, and that these are constant over time is what all of us in this world of investment and passive income seek. Aware of this, Onix Tech Group have focused the development of their trading robot on precisely that, in which the benefits are sustainable over time.

For this development, the investment robot was tested during all the months of the COVID-19 pandemic and confinement, which also turned out to be a good training ground, since the markets moved a lot. In addition, simulations have been carried out with the Forex price data from the last 5 years. In all cases, the robot demonstrated that it was capable of closing successful operations, increasing the capital and without greatly compromising the account balance.

The second key point, what investors value the most, is safety. Investors want the company that manages our investments to be clear and open when it comes to sharing information. Another of the foundational pillars of Onix Tech Group is transparency, and they demonstrate this with facts, such as the existence of an audited account where we can follow the real operations that the company is doing, as well as the accumulated profitability.

Investments with Onix Tech Group

We currently have the “Low Risk” investment plan available on the platform, whose characteristics (based on the development of the Onix Bot 2.0) are:

  • Sustainable earnings in time that usually oscillate between 2% and 5% per month. It may seem small when compared to other investment companies. But precisely they want to get away from the frequent scams and ponzis with a real product, with real benefits and transparent management.
  • Minimum investment period of 180 days.
  • Minimum investment of 100 USD. The investment is made in dollars, despite the fact that the payment is made in BTC, with this protection of the investment is achieved against the fluctuations of the price of BTC in the market. After 180 days we will have in our portfolio the initial profits in USD (plus the profits, of course), regardless of the price of the BTC.
  • 2% withdrawal commission always.
  • Weekly payment system benefits.
  • The distribution of benefits, clear from the beginning:
    • 70% for the investor.
    • 10% for the referral program.
    • 20% for platform maintenance expenses.

The operation with Onix Tech Group

For greater system clarity and better use of resources, user operations are carried out on the weekend. While on the daily days it is the trading robot that works. During the weekend we can make new investments, withdraw our profits (as long as they exceed 15 USD) or recover the invested capital (after 180 days).

To facilitate operations, Onix Tech Group offers us a very interesting feature: free balance transfers between users of the platform. This is especially interesting when we are investing in equipment, since we can reach the minimum 15 USD more easily and make withdrawals more frequently.

Affiliate system (RESIDUAL BONUS)

Onix offers a 3-tier affiliate system. Why 3 levels and not 6 or 8 like other investment companies? Once again sustainability is the answer. The aim is for the system to be profitable for all parties, without exhausting resources and without seeking deception.

10% distribution as of the benefits to the referral system:

  • 5% at the first level.
  • 3% at the second level.
  • 2% at the third level.

*More levels in the very near future.

Other of the great advantages that Onix Tech Group offers us when it comes to investing, is that it is not necessary to have an active investment to be able to access the affiliate system. Therefore, if at the moment you do not have the minimum balance available, you can start working with your affiliate network and you will also receive the benefits obtained.

The other great advantage is that the platform is currently being launched, so there is a lot of potential market to develop with the affiliation.


If you are looking for a sustainable and transparent investment service that can provide you with an interesting return over time, it is highly recommended that you consider the possibility of Onix Tech Group.

Official Links

Affiliate section upgrade on deepTradeBot platform

The long awaited Affiliate Section upgrade at deepTradeBot AI trading platform has been finally released.

deeptradebot affiliate

A popular crypto-trading SaaS solution,, has announced a major update for Affiliate program statistics monitoring. This update allows to use the extended affiliate statistic data for better control of your partnership structure.

From today 2 new blocks in the Affiliate section of the Dashboard can be found:

  1. Partnership statistics

Allows to monitor the total number of affiliates, see how many of them are not active, check your reward amounts in any currency, and check the current trade balance of all your affiliates in any currency.

  • Trade balance column

New column in the partnership list. With it you can monitor each of your partners’ accounts separately and see how much funds does your partner keep on his accounts.

The company pays attention that this statistics is not in real time: because of the large number of traders on the platform the statistics comes with the delay of approximately 1 hour.

The company CEO Jim Stokes emphasises: “During the last months we have been focusing mainly on the Club development. But this update is implemented specially for our partners who’re using the general partnership program opportunities to build their affiliate structures. We’re trying to make the cooperation experience more and more comfortable for every single client either a trader or an affiliate partner or a club member».

About deepTradeBot: is a trading robot that makes profit from the margin of digital assets prices, on various trading platforms, making the maximum from the slightest changes in the world market. The platform provides their bot rental services to anyone interested.

DeepTradeBot: The innovation of large companies at your service

DeepTradeBot is a collection of automated trading tools developed by Deep Neuro Networks LTD, a London, England-based company dedicated to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


The world has evolved enormously in recent years, and the world of investment and speculation has been no stranger to this evolution. Currently more than 40% of the operations carried out in the main world stock exchanges are operated by automatic robots (according to the digital newspaper

The cryptocurrency ecosystem was until recently an unexplored terrain for this type of operations, where the most that could be done was to automate some orders on the exchanges. That’s why DeepTradeBot has developed a series of complex AI and big data tools that will allow us to explore a whole new world of possibilities with little risk.

What is DeepTradeBot?

DeepTradeBot is a collection of automated trading tools developed by Deep Neuro Networks LTD, a London, England-based company dedicated to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Here we find the first advantage, we are dealing with a legal company, registered in a safe country within Europe. They have a contact telephone number (attended in English).

Why are trading robots useful?

The investment is based on analyzing a large amount of data, designing a strategy, and then carrying out the actions that follow that strategy. This is something very easy to say, but very difficult to do.

First of all, we humans find ourselves with our limited capacity to process data (as an example, the main artificial intelligences have defeated the human being in disciplines of pure analysis such as chess). Secondly, human beings make mistakes derived from our emotions, which often lead us away from the method or make us perceive the data analyzed in the wrong way. To these factors we must add fatigue, mistakes, and a long etcetera.

Therefore, trading robots are a perfect tool to help us achieve higher returns for our investment.

DeepTradeBot Key Features

DeepTradeBot will operate on major cryptocurrency exchanges in 24/7 format. To take full advantage of all the opportunities of AI, 4 types of robot actions are managed according to the market situation:

  • High-frequency trading. The robot scans the operations of the order book and anticipates their arrival on the market by being faster than the human being in executing the operations.
  • Trading arbitration. All quotations are analyzed on all platforms to find opportunities to make successful trades without risk.
  • Algorithmic trading. The robot uses technical analysis and indicators to determine the next move in the price.
  • Trading supported by fundamentals. Another robot scans the news and social media sources like Twitter to detect investor sentiment and anticipate the rises that will be caused as a result of these movements in the information.

How can I earn with DeepTradeBot?

Earning by investing in DeepTradeBot is very simple. Its platform is designed to facilitate the entire process so that all we have to do is register, select the type of investment and the number of bots we want to put to work for us. And artificial intelligence will do the rest. In the following table we can see the options available right now on the platform.

deeptradebot precios

Neurons are the unit that has been created to simplify the measurement of computing power to which we have access. It is obtained from relevant parameters such as the dedicated computing time, the number of layers of the dedicated neural network and the amount of connection resources dedicated to reading and sending the information.

It is very interesting to note that we have a free version that will allow us to test the platform, although of course it will be much less powerful than the other options.

More information and full contract conditions are available on its website.

But not only can we earn with the investment in bots, but it also has an affiliation system by which we can charge a commission for each of the users that we have recommended.

The latest from DeepTradeBot: the VIP Investor Club

DeepTradingBot never stops when it comes to innovating for the best return. So right now they are launching their VIP investor club.

To enter the club you have to pay a fee, which is not very high, but which will guarantee that everyone inside is committed to the project and is a person with vision and innovation.

What does VIP club membership entitle us to? As members of the VIP club we will enjoy:

  • Access to more and more powerful bots when we are acting as investors.
  • Improved membership fee, with higher percentages of earnings.
  • Extensive network of levels for MLM marketing experts.
  • Possibility of moving up in the organization structure, unlocking new benefits and higher income.

So our earnings will be double, on the one hand the improved returns on investment with bots, and on the other hand the earnings derived from new affiliates that are incorporated by our recommendations.


If you are looking for an innovative investment service that allows you to obtain profitability passively and without complications, it is interesting to try this platform… It also has a free bot test!

Cryptominningroup launches it’s version 3.0 with great benefits

At this moment we are noticing how the world is constantly changing, more than ever in this current year. Of course, investment and trading sectors are not unaware of this evolution. The first revolution happened many years ago when transactions became digital, thus making unneccesary to go at the Stock Market building to operate with them.

We are living actually two big revolutions in this sector: in the first place, we have automatic operations plus the bot trading and artificial intelligence (AI), that gathers now the 40% of the operations (according to the data from “”). In the second place, there is the cryptocurrency revolution and the unstoppable rise of the “Tokenization” phenomenon.

Therefore, Cryptominningroup (CMG) launches the 3.0 version of it’s investment ecosystem for automatic trading.

What is CMG?

CMG is a company that has developed the platform with the same name, with the objective of managing the whole ecosystem of investment and trading.

We can count with the serenity to verify that the company is registered in United Kingdom with headquarters in Spain too. So the legallity of the company is covered by the european legal security.

CMG’s core activity.

CMG is a company concentrated on trading in the FOREX market. The FOREX market is the biggest one in the world with the best options in market liquidity, and it’s where every foreign currencies’s changes are being managed worldwide.

To operate in this market is innovative because it uses an hybrid system wich combines experienced traders; with semi-automatic trading systems using trained bots with artificial intelligence. In this way, the whole system remains in a state of self improvement and evolution to adjust and increase the profitability.

The detailed operative – Differences between CMG and the competition.

As we told above, CMG operates in the FOREX market, wich has great options in market liquidity and the operations are made on foreign currencies. Other companies that may offer similar services are said to be dedicated at arbitraging platforms with multiple actives in them, wich it reduces the market liquidity and the chance to multiply the number of operations in case the platform grows in size.

When you work with other platforms from the competition, their modus operandi is to developt a complex system of changes where the track is lost and it stops the control of the profitability. When you deposit cryptocurrencies in the platform, they turn them into anotations in dollars, and the whole information is referrenced in dollars. Later, at the moment where the costumer wants to withdraw their money, the exchange is realized again to the selected cryptocurrency; with the risk of being exposed to bigger losses: in the first place, because the consecutive changes diminish transparency to the operations; and in the second place, our profitability will depend on several uncontrollable factors, like the value between BTC and the dollar.

Therefore, CMG wants to simplify the operations and give it a bigger transparency, completing the whole circuit with Bitcoin. Since the money is deposited until the payments arrive, we are always working on the platform with reference to Bitcoin, so the profit is always coming steady and it won’t be affected by the possible volatility of Bitcoin’s prices.

More opportunities for profit.

In the design for the business model, the percentages of return wich are dedicated to each budgetary party, are already established. And in the case of CMG, a part of the profit is reserved for membership policy and above-mentioned network.

Bono directo de participación → Participation’s direct pass.

Comisión de la compañía → Company’s Comission.

Fondo de Garantia → Guarantee Fund.

Circulo de Amistad → Friendship Circle.

Usuario → User.

In this way, the users who get confortable with network marketing, can get extra incomes by creating a team of investors, denominated by the company as “Friendship Circle”.


To become a whole ecosystem, CMG has created its own token to interconnect the diverse set of tools wich are going to be developed as the time goes by.

Technical characteristics:

* Name: CMGCoin (CMG)

* Technology: Token ERC-20 about blockchain Ethereum.

* Amount of Tokens: 10.000.000

* Decimals: 8

CMG has already developed a payment method wich works with CMGCoin and it actually allows the user to get access to the Premium Membership of the platform (more levels in deep at the Friendship Circle, more frequency with the payment and other advantages). Afterwards, services will be expanded. Besides, there is the chance for those who are developers and wish about it, to get linked and use this token and its set of tools.


If you are looking for a service that allows you to invest in trading leading technology and AI without great knowledge, and some different elements from the usual platforms, we are facing a highly interesting possibility.

CryptoTab browser

CryptoTab is a browser that offers the opportunity to mine Bitcoin while doing the usual thing over the Internet.

If there’s one thing that crypto coins and blockchain are emphasizing, it’s that there are many ways to generate revenue from the time we spend performing different tasks.

And above all, they show that if you don’t monetize your time, other people or companies will do it for you.

In the case of the Internet, most people are registered in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and without realizing it, they spend hours and hours watching videos, photos, content or commenting. All that time is lost, but those RRSS take advantage of it by showing you ads, positioning themselves thanks to your contents. And they sell it and make a lot of money.

But there are many ways to reverse this. And to begin with, what better than using the browser, which is the tool we use for everything, the first program we open.

cryptotab browser review

That’s why today I want to talk to you about CryptoTab browser

Developed by a group of blockchain lovers, CryptoTab is a browser that allows users to mine Bitcoin while surfing the Internet. CryptoTab Browser has millions of users worldwide and is available on all Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

It is based on Google’s Chrome browser, so you can use all its extensions.

The installation is very simple, you hardly need to configure anything and the use is like any other browser.

CryptoTab is quickly activated, the browser is completely free, you only get profit from using it.

To get crypto currency through mining, you usually need to get very expensive equipment, with state-of-the-art processors and graphics cards. In this case you don’t need to buy, nor configure expensive hardware or software.

Just download the installation package, like any other program in your operating system, select run and the program will do the rest in minutes. After installation, you’ll be able to sign in with your Google Account to sync your bookmarks, favorites, and anything else you have in other browsers and want to import.

Win Bitcoin without doing anything

Mining with CryptoTab does not require any actions or investments, you just have to keep doing what you were doing until now, surfing the Internet, visiting your favorite sites. Simply start the browser, activate the mining and continue with your tasks.

As long as the browser is open, you receive revenue; mining does not interfere with what you are doing. In addition, you can customize the use of the resources that the CryptoTab browser makes of your computer, both CPU and any other resources.

Earn from what you mine and what your affiliates generate

Another option offered by CryptoTab is an affiliate program through which you can create group mining networks. This means that not only you mine, but all the people you invite to install the browser. And you earn an extra passive income depending on what others generate.

This way it’s much easier to remove some satoshis every week. Join their affiliate program and you will see your earnings grow little by little.

Any user can create their own mining network and increase their income significantly. On the CryptoTab website, you have many ready-to-use promotional resources to help you attract new affiliates.

cryptotab browser review

CryptoTab browser is a serious and secure platform

When you’ve been in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time, you realize not only that all that glitters isn’t gold, but that it’s very difficult to find serious platforms. And this is certainly one of them for several reasons:

  • Withdrawals are always completed and withdrawal costs are very low.
  • They’ve been around for a long time, let’s just say they’ve passed the trial period of any Hyip or Scam program.
  • Millions of people use it every day.
  • Your business model is sustainable because of those users. There’s no point in closing down because it would kill your business.
  • By keeping track of payments, they have it very optimized and can reduce them to a minimum, so you can make withdrawals from very few satoshis.
  • It does not require any initial investment, nor additional expenses.
  • There is no upper limit on withdrawals.

These are the reasons why many of us wonder:

  • What do you do that you’re not already trying? There is no risk involved.
  • An easy to use browser.
  • No need to download plugins or extra accessories.

Get started with the CryptoTab browser today and join the millions of people who are already generating income from their time.

Free registration

Silk Road Coin Presentation by LGR Group

The time is past when tossing a single coin was already an added value. There are currently hundreds of coins and thousands of tokens in the world of cryptocurrencies, and therefore when a company wants to succeed it must offer not just one coin or one token, but an entire value proposition for an entire ecosystem. This is the case of the proposal that we bring today: Silk Road Coin by LGR Group.

Silk Road

What do we understand by Silk Road?

Before going in to talk in-depth, we must be clear about what we are talking about when we talk about Silk Road.

Silk Road, within the world of cryptocurrencies, refers to the first and most mythical online market with bitcoin. It sold absolutely everything, including drugs and weapons. That adventure of eliminating intermediaries ended with the founder (Ross Ulbrich) sentenced to life in prison in the United States and with a great controversy on a subject that has subsequently been debated in other tools: is the provider of a tool the culprit of what people do with it?

But no, when LGR brings us Silk Road, it does it from a more classic sense. The term “silk road” comes from the Renaissance, in which Marco Polo’s travel books describe the silk road as a great trade route that starts in China, croses all of Asia and all of Europe, and reaches most important ports in Europe, such as Venice at that time.

This is precisely the objective of LGR, it seeks to create a banking platform that will connect all the countries that are crossed by this historic trade route.

What is LGR Group?

LGR Group is a company founded with headquarters in Belize and specialized in banking and trade services and gold (in all its business lines).

Currently its core business is the gold trade, from producers (especially in Africa) to distributors or transformer refineries. It also has a major branch of commodity trading, thanks to its contacts in the Middle East oil sector.

In recent times they also have cryptocurrency exchange activities for high volume (OTC) clients.

And in the near future its big bet is the Silk Road Coin and Banking Platform.

What is Silk Road Coin?

Silk Road Coin is the cryptocurrency backed of the future cross border money movement and crypto banking services platform between Silk Road countries that aspires to unify all the countries that the Silk Road travels, forming a common market and with access by all of them under the same currency. It is interesting to remember that we are talking about 65 countries including China and many European countries, accumulating up to 1/3 of the total world population. Achieving the challenge of unifying them economically is a dream, which can be very profitable. And that it has the endorsement of the main Asian commercial organizations involved.

The objective is to help increase the wealth of nations and the standard of living of their citizens through trade.

On a technical level we are talking about a currency built under the Waves blockchain, one of the fastest, safest and most decentralized blockchains in the world. This is done to allow smooth operation and to not be affected by network saturation, as is often the case with the Ethereum network. Initially, we are dealing with a “coin”, which has its price linked to the euro (although in ICO it is cheaper).

The value proposition for Silk Road Coin includes reputable international trade professionals working towards those who initially acquire SRC tokens:

• Cross-border payments between the member countries.

• Interconnection of banks and financial systems of the member countries.

• Crypto-banking services:

        ◦ Exchange from fiat to crypto and vice versa.

        ◦ Credit card.

        ◦ Cryptocurrency loans and deposits.

        ◦ Currency exchange for goods and smart contracts.

In this way, those who initially choose to be part of SRC will see how LGR experts analyze dozens or hundreds of projects and give way to the most powerful ones, thus having access to investments (and returns) that until now were only reserved for the private sector OTC.

The Silk Road Coin ICO

As best is “lead by example.” SRC was created under the Waves blockchain, so there was no need to host a typical ICO, in a typical exchange. Firstly, for the associated costs it has, but above all for the dangers derived from the centralization of the point of sale. You are exposed to attacks, robberies and hacks.

Therefore, this phase of the ICO is carried out in the form of a decentralized exchange on the Waves blockchain.

To do this, you just have to install the Waves DEX, and from there we go to the “trades” tab, and look for the SRC token identifier: CjhHBGdQycCgmP4vRoWvEL1SLzSUw5d2gwVs4fR84DBU. With this we can perfectly identify the token in the market and accept the sale offer or make a new offer, always in a decentralized exchange format as we have seen in other exchanges that exist outside of ETH where their tokens can be traded.

Other forms of purchase involve currency exchange, so it is best to go directly to the ICO page on the LGR Group website.

Here are some of the technical details of the token and the ICO:

      • Total offer: 1,000,000,000 SRC tokens.

      • Soft cap: 100,000,000 SRC tokens.

      • Hard cap: 500,000,000 SRC tokens.

      • Price: at 1 EUR. ICO price 0.90 EUR

      • Deadline: the ICO ends on April 30, or when the soft cap is reached.


If you are looking for a complete ecosystem managed by professionals, Silk Road Coin by LGR Global is a great investment opportunity.

Official Links