Bitclub commission cycles

What happened then?

The Bitclub commission cycles. The first green person on the left foot, now also has 15 credits on his left team. The blue, in his team has made another 15 credits, which means that this account has just won 200 dollars. The same on the right this account. The right, now also has 15 credits on the left and another 15 on the right, that is, it has won $ 200. He continues to evolve his team, and now the person down to the left, is building his left and right side.

More Bitclub commission

There are another 30 credits left for you, and the blue person has earned $ 200. Now the person on the bottom right does the same, adding two people to the business and earning $ 200. This brings another 30 credits for your right foot, what two payments of 200 dollars mean to you. That is, every time when 15 credits are generated in your left or right foot, a cycle is invoiced.

That is why you receive 200 dollars. And that, as I mentioned before, you can do it up to 10 times a day. Also, for each account additionally, there is a machine bonus. It means that each time a member of their teams invoices a cycle, they earn a bonus towards the eighth generation.

This means that each billing of $ 200 generates another $ 80 for the eight generations over. An example; you have recommended a person to Bitclub Network, if they invoice a cycle and charge $ 200; you receive a $ 10 bonus machine as a reward for having brought it. If this person is cycled six times a day, we pay him $ 10 six times.

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