Bitclub referrals, the first and second line

The Bitclub referrals, here we explain everything you need to know about your compensation system.

When this person has in his first line, that is, in his second line, let’s say five people. These in turn are cycling five times.

Turns and cycling in Bitclub referrals

Then his collaborator receives for these 25 cycles 10 dollars, respectively or 250 dollars. But not only him, but you too, and so on up to level 8. There is no time limitation, that is, it does not matter how late people get to billing a cycle.

It will always charge and there is no limit on the payment of the amount. Nor do you need another qualification. I admit, that at first everything sounds a bit complicated. It is also highly stimulating to observe this process in your back office. So far we have only talked about the first two forms of bonuses, the cycle and the bonus machine.

Now we come to the level bonuses. This bonus consists of the commission payment of 5 to 8%, on each new member in your team. But the icing on the cake that carries the level bonus is. Upon reaching level 10, the commissions amount to 18% on the automatic reinvestments of the shares in the pool.

There are no Saturdays or Sundays. All our computers are working every day of the month. There are payments and reinvestments in more shares in the pool every day of the week. From your entire organization you are paid small percentages of reinvestments every day.

They are small amounts that are added to incredible payments. This sounds pretty tempting, right? But … Where does the pile of money that we are distributing come from?

Here you can start to know Bitclub if you have come to this article directly.

You will have much more information that will solve your doubts.

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