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The DRIFE platform aims to disrupt the transport sector

DRIFE, a solution to centralized ride-hailing introduces the DRIFE platform, a decentralized transport ecosystem powered by the blockchain. DRIFE’s objective is to disrupt the existing ride-hailing business model and eliminate the corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions. It’s also a system designed to empower the value creators of the ride-hailing ecosystem. In the emerging market of private transport services, these value creators include drivers and community developers.


Private transportation platforms have created a new paradigm for the industry. Unlike the taxi industry, the type of customers has changed. The current obsolete taxi model has been a hot topic in Spain (still an unresolved conflict) and also in many other areas. The basic needs may not have changed, however, our specific needs do.

Technology has created new emerging markets, new needs and therefore new niches. However, in this comparative framework, traditional taxi systems have hardly changed their way of operating. At the same time, viable alternatives have varied the model in a scarce, insufficient way.

Advantages of the DRIFE platform over the current model

Taxi companies regulated by states or transport authorities have evolved very little. This has made things difficult, the scant adaptation of the business model for all parties is clear. This leads to various problems, income gains minimized under pressure, drivers suffering from strict labor policies, and to top it all, this added to slow and expensive bureaucracy. Thus we find several points to review.

Generally, the major value creators in the transport service chain are oftentimes taken for granted which makes the problem linger and complex even more.

DRIFE is focusing its efforts on changing the trend by creating a global standard service capable of restructuring the ride-hailing ecosystem within the transport sector. This is where the advantage of blockchain technology comes in. Once introduced, it is capable of disrupting systems and restoring balance to the economic system.

Competition within the ecosystem may already be fierce as leading industry giants like Uber have far reaching market influence. However, the advantage DRIFE holds lies heavily on its decentralized methodology and governance structure based on the blockchain technology, which is expected to accelerate DRIFE’s objectives once it enters the market.

The model proposed by the DRIFE platform

In the initial stage, one of the incentives introduced will play an important role. Nowadays, in many real scenarios, drivers see their own colleagues as direct competition. This breaks collaborative community relations, disempowering its members as a final result. Drivers in DRIFE’s ecosystem receive incentives for introducing other drivers to the platform, thereby fostering the growth of the service.

At the same time, it creates synergies for community building among drivers, an essential part for the creation of value and consensus. Since payments for service on the platform is conducted via peer-to-peer (P2P), intermediaries are eliminated alongside their unreasonable commissions.

This is by nature an improvement of the service, including social benefits. Better insurance associated with vehicles is a case of social benefit (for all parties), and is only possible in a scenario in which the driver can afford to pay. Empowering the driver, again, results in better service and better legal coverage for the parties.

As it is well stated in the whitepaper, ride-hailing is essentially a cloud-based business. Unlike the traditional taxi industry, the successes of these platforms depend to a large extent on user experiences (UX) and the design of the user interface (UI). Two very complementary elements that play important roles in any ride-hailing platform.

Drivers and passengers are two essential parts without which the business model would not make sense. However, everything works well thanks to the diligent efforts of the developers. This completes the circle. In a consolidated digital revolution, developers are vital for everything that happens “behind the scenes” materialized without influencing the final experience consciously for the user. Everything on the platform should always work seamless as far as the end users are concerned.

The importance of developers in the new digital era

The developers, on the DRIFE platform, have the potential to create useful facilities within the application. This tends to improve the riding experiences, and therefore, optimize the ecosystem. Developers can also detect and correct mistakes, unfortunately, on the developer’s side, this is often overlooked.

In a case where the development of displacement / transport applications is outsourced, it is easy for developers to decide not to intrude. Sometimes, once the deadlines are met and the product is delivered, the relationship is cut off imminently. Generally, the fact is simply due to a lack of motivation.

The model of this project offers an incentive model for developers, which in turn amplifies their worth within the value chain. This is one of the core advantages of the DRIFE platform – an inclusive model for all parties based on the long-term vision.

The IEO token is now available with four bonus stages

In the case of the IEO token, the acquisition stages for early investors are four. After completing the first phase of the four stipulated (the private sale), the IEO token can be purchased now. Currently it is in its second stage (presale).

The base value set without bonuses is $ 0.25. Those interested in participating get a bonus of 20% (price of the IEO token during said bonus, $ 0.20 / token) during the remaining period of phase 2; which ends at the beginning of March, giving way to the next phase (Sale 1) on March 10. During sale 1 (third phase) the bonus period will be reduced by 5%. In this way, sale 1 is subject to a + 15% bonus on the fixed base price. Finally, the last bonus period begins on April 10; during the last period (sale 2) the acquisition of tokens will be rewarded with an extra 10%.

If you want to know the aspects of the project in much more detail, we invite you to review the public documents about the DRIFE project. You can find much more extensive information, such as the distribution of the funds collected in the whitepaper. Related market studies and all kinds of details are also available on their website.

Website & Official links – DRIFE (IEO)

Official website –
Connect with DRIFE –
Follow DRIFE in Twitter –
DRIFE official Facebook –
Profile & posts inside –
Whitepaper –

Binance, special guest in the International Blockchain Congress CIBTC


With a list of more than 25 confirmed speakers, the International Blockchain Congress CIBTC continues to move and closes the agenda in its entirety.

Binance comes for the first time to Spain to attend a Congress, will as a special guest for the organization. Their participation will take place on Saturday 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Binance is a Blockchain ecosystem composed of Exchange, Labs, Launchpad, Info, Academy, Research, Trust Wallet and Charity. Binance Exchange is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, with users from more than 190 countries and regions.

It is capable of processing more than 1.4 million orders per second, it is the largest exchange by trading volume and one of the fastest in the world. The platform focuses on security, robustness and speed of execution, attracting both enthusiasts and professional traders.

The Blockchain technology allows to register property rights, credentials, identities (of objects or people) and agreements or transactions in a decentralized and encrypted way, avoiding fraud. A fashion concept in the economic and technological world on which cryptocurrencies are based.


The International Blockchain Congress CIBTC is a multicultural event that will take place next March 8th and 9th in Motril (Granada). It covers presentations of technological innovations, new developments and talks with the highest academic level. Workshops carried out by great experts, which will be directed both to new users and users with great specialization.

Twenty-four speakers, twelve sponsors, eleven employees and fourteen media partners make up the programme of participating companies.

Workshops will be held to create real Bitcoin wallets, and real Bitcoin transfers through the Tesnet network. Blockchain workshops from scratch, IOTA introduction and practice, Creating & Understandig Blockchain and Robotics.

The workshops will be carried out by large companies in the Blockchain ecosystem in Spain and individual speakers of renowned prestige.

Exhibition of a computer with the Bitcoin blockchain downloaded. Exhibition and explanation of a mining rig working in real time. Exhibition and explanation of a mining equipment. Bitcoin ATM.


The Congress will have a main auditorium where the presentations and some of the most important workshops will take place. On the upper floor, several multipurpose rooms are included, with a total seating capacity of more than 250 people, which will be used for colloquium talks, workshops and specific presentations of some of the projects.

The panels will address Blockchain Regulation (legal and fiscal aspects), Start & Up, Women Today, Blockchain and the Financial Industry, Remember (What happened to the projects of CIBTC’18?), Real Estate and DLT (Distribution, Logistics and Traceability).

During the breaks, there will be visits to the exhibition & networking area, where congressmen and speakers can chat with a coffee, courtesy of Cafés Marcilla, who will offer coffe breaks for free to all attendees.

The Congress will hold three previous meetings in the cities of Almería, March 4th, Seville, March 5th and Malaga, March 6th.


Useful links:

Web page

List of Speakers

Ticket selling:

Events agenda:

March 8th

March 9th

Orbis platform will offer a global ecosystem


ORBIS offers a platform that will make it easier to operate instantaneously and without fees

In a noteworthy platform, we can find versatility and easy handling to operate with the funds stored in ORBIS. It has been created using a blockchain solution, with two currencies available on the platform. This brings many advantages since they provide versatility to the system. Users can take advantage of these features to withdraw, transfer, spend and invest fiat money or cryptocurrency without charges. Adding instant actions without waiting time and with no intermediaries.

OrbisSolutions was created with the concept of loss aversion, as explained on their website and whitepaper.

It can resist any market crash by being separated from other blockchains.

The Orbis service token can be used for transfers, payments and savings. It is directly linked in your wallet to the Orbis security token, which is backed by the shares of the OrbisSolutions company.

The ORBIS platform will offer p2p exchange among other exchanging and card services

The decentralized exchange platform will offer a 24/7 exchanging service. No bulky records added to an external exchange will be necessary to operate. The Orbis exchange will be used only to buy and sell Orbiscoins and exchange them to all fiat money currencies. That’s why it offers on the one hand comfort to the investor at the time of operating; and on the other hand the use of their native tokens or cryptocurrencies with easy entry and exit to exchange into fiat. Multiple options are guaranteed when operating with ORBIS Coin (ORBS) and ORBISInvest coin (ORBSi).

As described in the whitepaper, the system is a decentralized exchange so it means that it is point-to-point; exchanges of this nature are known as p2p or DEX exchanges (by the acronym of peer to peer and decentralized exchange). Being a p2p system, transactions will be carried out almost instantaneously (since the project ensures that with the best exchange rates in the market); including the option of sending it to any bank account or an Orbis Wallet.

ORBIS Transfer will provide an IBAN debit card issued to facilitate the access between the clients and their funds. This card is intended to be used at any ATM and cash withdrawals at the Orbis branch offices. Customers can also integrate their own debit or credit card in the platform; so making deposit transactions and withdrawals to bank accounts is one of the multiple services offered.

It could be the first global chain of exchange and investment franchises in the blockchain ecosystem

On the other hand, the bet made by ORBIS Transfer goes far beyond what we have mentioned by the moment. The plan to create a whole chain of franchises is designed and they seem to have it very clear. The battle to take over the sector is still active despite the drop in prices within the ecosystem. While some are looking at prices, one of the next unicorns in the technology sector may be developing. Below we share a textual statement that they share in their glossary of frequently asked questions. It states the following:

Will the Orbis franchises be profitable?

We think so! The automated system that we are creating, with the inclusion of the Virtual AI Chat Robot, will make the Orbis branch offices an efficient, economical and low cost company. The only cost claimed by OrbisSolutions will be the transfer fee between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Distribution conditions of ORBS and ORBSi

The supply of each token will be independent, based on the initial conditions. It will always be subjected to the milestones of their sale offer. ORBIS Coin (ORBS) is created with a limited supply of 80,000,000 coins whose price will start at € 0.50.

The ORBS token will be used to transfer funds. ORBISInvest coin (ORBSi) is created with a limited supply of 240,000,000 tokens at a launch price of € 0.50. The currency of ORBSi will be used mainly to obtain and win with the appreciation of the currency in the crypto market and the stock exchange, being backed by the company.

Sources and links of interest:
OrbisTransfer –
Venta STO –
Twitter official –
Telegram Orbis –

The ecological crypto initiative Eco Start

The ecological crypto

The importance of now, Eco Start provides a turning point

The ecological initiative Eco Start is developing naturally, leapfrogging over stages in its ICO. Therefore, financing fair initiatives with our environment is closer. What is the reason for this statement? This is why: the future of coming generations depends on decisions made at present. The planet needs a break and we are included in it. The project is close to the beginning of the most exciting stage. In the next few weeks, the newly greased machinery starts to work. An ecological initiative that can open the doors to a global change in trend.

Global warming and climate change aggravate the situation of each living organism. The evidences grow and grow, making it impossible to ignore or mask them anymore. That is why initiatives are needed to counteract the multiple bad decisions. Eco Start will begin a work of such magnitudes during this 2019. Supporting creative and respectful initiatives with the environment is a global challenge. It can be ignored or even pointed out, but that does not exempt anyone. Therefore, facing the problem with constructive overtones makes Eco Start a striking cryptographic project.

As a first point, Eco Start offers an initial ecosystem for projects committed to a change of scenery. The costs associated with green initiatives that are respectful with the environment can no longer be a barrier. Taking into account the social and ecological benefit, the equation changes. Once the essential concept is assumed, few doubts remain. There is an imminent need to promote the ecological initiative, in every sector. Mitigating the little funding of ecological activities with an ecosystem which acts as a shuttle is a step taken by Eco Start. A turning point that advocates for a better tomorrow.

Eco Start as a source of trust and support for green initiative projects

Trust, by definition, is hope. A firm hope that a person has in something to happen. Something being or working in a certain way. In other cases, it is the hope that another person acts following its own wish. In the current mass society, trust may be shorter than expected or desired. However, world experts from each field work tirelessly providing systems dedicated to preserve or generate the necessary trust. Pillars that support trust on tangible data. A means will be provided to counteract misinformation and/or manipulation of fake data by unverified experts. It is the first necessary point to restore confidence: transparent, clean and disinterested verifications.

Eco Start is offered as a pillar, a source of trust. A team working full-time with commitment will lead the ecosystem to engage a new generation of green entrepreneurs and green global initiatives. In the financial field, there is a great problem of trust in expert organizations that provide investment advice. That includes those who guarantee the reliability of third parties. Rating agencies, investment banks that issue recommendations… the list is eternal. From auditing companies that certify the veracity of the results to the inspection of the field work carried out, the distrust is maintained due to opacity. This affects global trust, to all parties; both for specific borrowers and for field experts.

Eco Start offers a point of trust that is open, transparent, reliable and safe, covering global needs with a global ecosystem monetized via blockchain.

Linking p2p technology with green initiative projects

If the matter were a whim, there could be room for doubt. However, the health of the planet is not negotiable. Ecological and environmental problems grow if solutions are not provided. Therefore, betting on a cleaner future requires thoughtful and realistic actions at present. Monitoring the situation in a realistic and transparent way, planning, designing and acting accordingly; a priori, a lot of work to do. The feeling can be overwhelming; the key is in the union.

It does not start from zero, projects like Eco Start advocate for a unified global trend. For this purpose, the digital ecosystem has been designed around a token and open-use APIs. The token (TER) feeds the ecosystem of interactions proposed by Eco Start. The token TER provides the accounting and monetary part of the proposed green initiative. At the same time, it will be the fastest, safest and the most transparent and reliable way to keep accounts of every movement within the ecosystem.

Provided use cases such as encouraging cleaner actions and raising funds for green initiative projects that should never receive a No for an answer… make the TER token a peculiar token. P2P encryption technology to support an ecosystem of an ecological initiative may seem convoluted; however, the Eco Start team has a clear formula.

Pre-ICO round of Eco Start has started

At the time of writing this report, the pre-ICO phase is started, with a bonus for the early adopters. The current + 20% bonus will be reduced as the dates progress. The public financing round begins in the next few days and is the last point before the start. After finishing the ICO (March), the progress will continue. The team focuses on continuing to disintegrate objectives listed in the roadmap. At the same time (after the initial sale, April), there will be an online exchange to facilitate the exchanging of tokens and cryptocurrencies for users and investors.

Therefore, few barriers will remain left for the financing of green projects and tokenization of investment activities in them. During the month of July, a distributed public crypto-exchange platform will be released; so everybody work with the goal of meeting each of the expected dates. A new ecosystem that can benefit everyone, directly and indirectly, is born in 2019.

Analyzing the future plan designed by Eco Start

For the time being, the ICO is based around the TER token, an erc20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. During the course of the year, progress and relevant innovations will continue to be implemented. Sticking to the roadmap, the Alpha phase of the platform will begin in May. That will be the beginning of the TECO token stage. At the same time, the development of the Eco Start exchange will take place. July, which is one of the months with the most activity on the roadmap, will host more events. The opening of the investment fund will begin, in addition to complete the details for beginning the testing of the platform in Beta phase on August.

In order to find more developed details and future milestones in the ecosystem of Eco Start we recommend visiting their website and profiles/social channels. We also invite you to share your opinion about the ecological initiative in the comments box.

Eco Start: sources and useful links
Official website Eco Start ICO –
Telegram Channel TerraecoCoin –
Twitter Eco Start –
Whitepaper –
Facebook Official profile –
Eco Start Medium page-, the accountless crypto exchanger, launches new design for seamless instant exchanges, the accountless crypto exchanger, has just released its new design. First launched in 2017, the accountless exchanger has been focusing on privacy, simplicity and speed and now boasts 30+ coins and tokens., created on a strong set of values by a team who builds on bitcoin since 2012, has been delivering on its promise to be the fastest, safest and most private way to exchange cryptocurrencies straight to your wallet. The new design goes a step further in making it so easy to buy and sell crypto.

To exchange your crypto with, you don’t need any registration, email nor account. And why would you want it any other way? Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly. You are always in control of your privacy and private keys. It is so simple, like sending a transaction from your wallet.

“We improved how we tell the story through images, words and key strokes. We believe the new design is an important step forward in appearance, functionality and usability. Check it out for yourself!”, said Francesco Simonetti, CEO of

With the new design, stays true to its core values while delivering a slick new experience suitable for beginners and experts, hodlers and traders.

The accountless exchanger and the FYP Token were born to protect privacy, promote decentralisation, support grassroot ownership and foster a community believing in consensus.

These values drive the team forward and keep their commitment to the crypto community very high. Let’s not forget that these are the same people who launched HolyTransaction, the first multicurrency web wallet back in 2014.

Also, offers its API for businesses to accept cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime thus helping to increase their turnover. With the launch of the new design, new API calls and statuses have been added.

While many UX and UI improvements are clearly visible, let’s pick a few to delve into.

Streamlined refund and customer experience asks all users to provide an optional refund address before starting the exchange. With the new design, if the exchange is canceled due to the wrong amount being sent or if it expires, users will be able to provide a refund address directly on the website to get an automatic refund without the need to contact customer support. This change is aimed at drastically reducing customer support requests and making each step very intuitive.

Keyboard navigation and shortcuts

Being able to effectively use your keyboard when accessing a service is critical to many users. This is true for, whether you are a power user who makes multiple exchanges in a short timeframe, a visually impaired user who prefers to issue commands via keyboard or a user who simply wants to compute without a mouse. Ease of use and speed are important.

You can now use TAB to move across relevant fields and Shift+TAB to move in the opposite direction. When focused on the coin dropdown you can press SPACE and then start typing to search for a coin. Press CTRL+Enter to Flyp Now.

API calls and payments statuses

API partners are now able to do an automatic refund whether the end user has provided the refund address or not, with the ability for the API partner to add the refund address through the API.

You can connect with the team on social media.

Official site:

Vitecoin prepares for launch in Mauritius

Vitecoin prepares for the launch after a successful private Beta in Mauritius


Vitecoin (VT) prepares for the launch after a successful private Beta in Mauritius, with more than 1000 early adopters. The successful figure of a thousand people was part of the acid test for Vite. Moving safely and affordable is a constant need among citizens, but public transport is fundamentally slow and inefficient and can no longer keep up with demand. The centralization of industrial jobs together with the limited space in cities requires rapid and scalable transportation services. Cities have ostensibly grown more than services and staff.

Therefore, the test had to be done with a significant number of participants. Local taxis have found to be a clear competitor. The services of shared trips have contributed to the fact that usual taxi users have a plan B. Ridesharing services like Vite provide the tools for customers to leave direct feedback about drivers and the quality of trips experienced hence raising the standards of convenience and most importantly safety. For insecure or incompetent drivers there is no place. It is known that in all sectors, monopolies do not favour the true users of a service. They offer a poor and sometimes abusive client experience .

The Vitecoin Private Beta now available on Google Play

Vite Technologies completed the launch of its beta and interesting international agreements. A few weeks after its official beta launch, we reviewed some details about the last months. The proposed model for shared-travel services can be the key to success for Vitecoin. The updated beta application is currently available on Android, with iOS to follow shortly.

More than 150 emerging cities studied by Vite’s team reveal a massive growth; the growing population needs fast and effective travel services to prosper. The scope of services such as the one offered by Vite is scarce or non-existent in this kind of cities. The shared trips have shown great acceptance and have become necessary. There are more than 50 cities with a population of more than one million that currently do not have access to shared-travel services in Africa for instance.

You can download it here from Google Play

Vitecoin digitizes p2p payments in shared-travel services

Vite brings innovation in the sector’s economy model, through the app supported by Blockchain. Providing a secure and instantaneous payment model from the beginning is the work of the Vitecoin token. At the international level, a digital transformation is underway and physical money is being replaced by digital cash, improving traceability. The VT token issued by Vite

Technologies addresses this digitization, making it easy for drivers and passengers. The Vite Technologies team defines its ecosystem in the following way:

The Vite application, available on Android, is a mobile application that facilitates the exchange of trips between peers. By pressing a button, Vite app connects passengers who need a trip with drivers who have a car. Passengers will directly transfer Vitecoin(VT) to driver’s wallet which is equivalent to the trip cost. Drivers can cash out their VT by directly converting into fiat via exchange at the tap of a button in their app, or visit individual VT agents mostly situated at filling stations.

Vite app will maintain a hybrid vitecoin & fiat payment options to ensure maximum reach, and that no user is left out as the service rolls out. Vitecoin will become the primary currency for Vite users as adoption increases, in turn increasing the demand and value of Vitecoin. Similar to the recent use of Bitcoin in Argentina for the payment of public transportation ​on buses, trains, subways, and motorboats,​ Vitecoin will be seamlessly integrated into the Vite app and made very easy to use for both riders and drivers across emerging cities.

Download Vite on Google Play

After token issue and exchange listing

Since the ICO is finished, the team will begin the usual first steps. The distribution of the token to investors and collaborators in a timely manner is important. In turn, the team issued a statement to the community and investors. Pointing out a successful initial phase, efforts are focused on filling the details for the start-up of the services and the listing in exchanges. The VT will soon be distributed to the parties as an ERC20 token, respecting the times and commitments indicated in the foundation documentation. It is undoubtedly an ecosystem in which to put our eyes during the next quarters of 2019. Perhaps a new unicorn for the urban transport sector has just been born. Let’s review in detail the commitment to digitize the sector designed by Vite.

Vite to tokenize shared trips in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

The founding nucleus of Vite Technologies reached an important agreement during the third quarter of 2018. The partnership with Indocoin created a strong link that opens the doors to a large market niche. Announcing that Vite Technologies and Indocoin jointly signed MoU, a clear display of intentions was published. We clarify that MoU is a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Vite Technologies committed to provide travel-sharing services in to specific cities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in a later stage expansion. This agreement covers a large area in full population growth. As the icing on the cake, Vite will also support the social initiatives geared towards poverty alleviation and road safety initiatives. With the positive approach by most Governments towards digitalization, Vite Technologies will work with city regulators in multiple countries to improve local transportation systems, create jobs and prosperity for local driver partners and invest into social projects.

In such a favorable framework for its activities, the Vite project will provide shared-rate services of international standards. Vite will be launched in Mauritius during the first quarter of 2019, where it has already completed a Beta release. During the private Beta, 1,000 participants out of the 11,000 people who registered during the first week tested the service. Once the smooth operation in Mauritius is established, a progressive expansion is expected beginning with 14 countries in Southern Africa. The goal is to provide a state-of-the-art service in dozens of cities through Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Summary of the advantages that the Vitecoin ecosystem implements

As detailed above, Vitecoin eliminates the hassle of carrying cash for payments. At the same time, it solves the limitations and charges by credit cards. On the other hand, last but not least, privacy is a current issue that has gained strength. In this way, the ecosystem devised for the demand for shared trips is friendly. Total respect for the privacy of users is a fact. This is how the core of Vite Technologies is transparent: Users do not give their personal data using Vitecoin. There is no manipulation of data from third parties, unlike credit cards.

If you want to know more deeply about Vitecoin and Vite App you can use the shared links below. Feel free to comment or demand about projects to review. Thanks for reading, stay tuned.

Official links – Vitecoin Vite App:

Web Vite App –​

Vite App Android – ​

Vitecoin Instagram – ​

Telegram ViteToken – ​

Twitter official Vitecoin App – ​

Facebook Fanpage – ​

Medium Vitecoin – ​

Official Youtube channel – ​

Custom Coin revolutionizes the construction industry

custom coin

Brief introduction to Custom Coin and the decentralized platform

Custom Coin offers a decentralized ecosystem of work interaction. A platform whose spinal cord is in the Ethereum blockchain. The project, that gets to the market from Switzerland, offers a management ecosystem for all kinds of entrepreneurs, both the most expert and the new entrepreneurs who join the sector. It is a decentralized marketplace and has a p2p assistance center where we can find all kinds of tools and features. In a digital ecosystem designed for quick management, collaboration and other activities, the new digital universe is connected to traditional physical sectors.

For a starter entrepreneur in online commerce operations, the Custom Coin platform is a remarkable resource. The various functionalities allow managing the entire negotiation cycle with clients. From a client search interface to contracts signed digitally, the platform provides enough tools to offer loans once digital contracts are signed. In terms of internal business management, we can find a complete ecosystem of attention to the entrepreneur.

The panel consists of an innovative assistance feature, counseling directly on the purchase and rental of necessary tools and equipment. Facilitating that new entrepreneurs obtain what is necessary to achieve their success is the key. Therefore, the main difference with respect to other platforms is the possibility of obtaining loans for building materials, equipment and machinery.

The steps to follow proposed by the team in the Custom Coin roadmap

Recently the main team announced the opening of an STO offer. The offer is based on raising funds for a stable cryptographic token (Stablecoin). The stablecoin is CHFT, which will be pegged with the Swiss franc value and which will also be the backbone to the Custom Coin platform. This step is very important, providing the necessary tools for the stability of the entire ecosystem.

The platform, 100% compatible with Ethereum, includes 3 components, which will be put into operation in a logical and constant evolution. As it is and will be described in this article, the first component is a platform for the contractor and the customer. To offer a complete system of interaction, management and purchase-sale of works, component number two is important. A cryptographic exchange to facilitate the exchange of fiat currency, as well as cryptocurrencies; a very necessary point taking into account the international scope of the project. As a colophon and component number 3, the project aims to ultimately establish a cryptographic bank. This would complete a fair and tailored digital economic circle, freeing the sector of intermediaries and bankers.

Transparency is the key to success in the Custom Coin trading platform

On the other hand, the fact of trading and contracting online requires some kind of oracle; in order to monitor the actions of the parties and ensure compliance with the agreements. Therefore, in this sense, a system has been created to monitor compliance with the contract conditions. In terms of support and fulfillment, the Custom Coin ecosystem platform offers an exchange of jobs and services for companies, and order delivery for the investor. CustomCoin Platform is an excellent tool to facilitate and manage the search, selection and payment of building services and other additional services.

Literally, new entrepreneurs are just a few clicks away from getting information about the services they need, the cost and time of work. Detailed information that has traditionally required slow and expensive advice. Using the platform implies total transparency, immediate management and p2p transactions through blockchain technology. In a digitalized environment, the progress of the most successful entrepreneurs is accelerated with the right decisions and tools. From the documentation of Custom Coin, the intentions of the founding team are expressed transparently:

“The idea is to launch a large-scale project to create a platform, based on blockchain technology; to link all the participants in the construction business of the countries of the European Union”. Custom Coin Team

The industry digitization is being accelerated with platforms such as Custom Coin & its marketplace

As a platform for construction companies in Switzerland, the objective is to interconnect participants in the industry. Streamlining, digitizing and modernizing construction companies is vital for the non-exclusion of the sector. The most reputable trading platforms have digitized their systems. At the same time, Custom Coin offers to be part of the digital era and start the experience in a few minutes. Connecting clients with contractors facilitating operations with crypto liquidity has never been so simple. Based on previous studies of the sector, the founding team proposes the following:

“To take a leading position in the market, we conducted extensive market research and proved that 90% of small and medium-sized companies need additional financing in the initial stage of development.” Custom Coin Team.

The platform will be able to give a loan for construction works. The guarantee for Custom Coin will be a deposit of 15 %, as well as the existence of a contract between the parties.

Main features inside the contractor / client platform

In the environment described above, the potential of the platform is clear. The designed structure of interface allows different options to the users. The Customers Search provides a meeting point that streamlines the interaction of the parties. Once the initial process is given, the conclusion of the contract is carried out on the platform. The process, due to the transparency of the data between the parties, is considerably simplified. The slow paperwork that decelerates operations which have been practically agreed from the beginning is over. The process is streamlined because all parties interact in real time on the platform.

Once the agreements have been reached, the possibility of lack of financing by the builder could occur. Granting a loan to start working after the acceptance of the contract is part of the options that are available on the platform, ensuring that liquidity is not a problem.

At a time when the economy is saturated with debt, keeping the inventory of tools up to date is not always achieved. To this end, a very interesting user support feature has been devised. The assistance in the acquisition / rental of the necessary tools and equipment provides stability to the members of the ecosystem. As it is an online platform, there will be an accurate monitoring of compliance with the terms of the contract, thus guaranteeing the health of the ecosystem.

In terms of adoption, the fact that the huge construction industry begins a regular use of cryptocurrencies and tokens will be a push of high caliber. We invite you to comment your opinion or perspective about Custom Coin in the comments below. If you want to check and find out more details about the project and its initial offering visit the following links.

Official links about CustomCoin:
Website CustomCoin & STO –
Pitch Deck –
Whitepaper –
Telegram group –
Twitter CustomCoin –
CustomCoin Facebook –
Instagram CustomCoin –

bitcoin faucet list

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bitcoin faucet list

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HubrisOne Launches Private Seed Round on Seedrs


HubrisOne Technologies, the company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing all in-one fiat-cryptocurrency current account has just announced their new private seed round which is live on Seedrs. With over 14,000 users on their waiting list within 4 weeks, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in their rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £10.80.

This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in the cryptocurrency industry. The private round is limited to small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.

Interested investors can buy shares directly from the Seedrs platform here,

About HubrisOne:

HubrisOne is transforming and disrupting a $600 billion industry by changing the way people manage their cryptocurrency assets, manage their current bank accounts, send cross-border payments and more, all within a few taps.

Google Play App Download: REF: HB13110

Apple iOS link: REF: HB13110

Note: Each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights.


Invest via Seedrs:



IOS Download: REF: HB13110

Android Download: REF: HB13110

A few months ago, we sent out communication to the HubrisOne community about owning shares in our business.

The time is now. Our equity seed round is now live, this means you can own equity and become a shareholder in our business.

You can buy shares and check out our campaign using the link below:

We’ve received many questions and interest about the equity seed round, and we answer some of the most common below.

What does being a shareholder mean?

Being a shareholder means that you own a piece of our business, this means when we do well and grow, you will also benefit and receive a return on investment.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is only £12.15 – with this amount you could become a shareholder in HubrisOne Technologies.

How do i invest and what payment is accepted?

You can invest by using a debit card or by bank transfer directly to the platform.

Am I protected as an investor?

Each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights.

Which countries can invest and buy shares?

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit HubrisOne and download app for IOS or Android –
  2. Signup and verify your email address.
  3. Rewards are issued instantly. Once you complete the signup you will automatically receive 1,000 HBRS tokens ($20) in your wallet.
  4. Refer others and receive additional points
  5. App must remain installed otherwise you will be unable to claim the reward
  6. Rewards can be withdrawn or exchanged in May 2019.

Don’t forget to join our telegram!

🎉 Welcome to HubrisOne Official Group! 🎉

⭐️ HubrisOne is multi-currency current account that allows customers to create EUR, USD and GBP bank accounts, connect their existing bank accounts, create and manage their cryptocurrency wallets, execute cross-border payments, and you receive a HubrisOne debit card. We’re a current account that rewards you when spend, deposit and refer.

HubrisOne is multi-currency current account that allows customers to create EUR, USD and GBP bank accounts, connect their existing bank accounts, create and manage their cryptocurrency wallets, execute cross-border payments, in addition customers receive a secure debit card that’s crypto-fiat compatible.

We’re a current account that rewards you when spend, deposit and refer. Learn more about the HBRS token here:

We’re excited to you joining our growing community and becoming a customer of HubrisOne and using the HBRS token within the HubrisOne ecosystem. Now AirDrop ongoing! 🔥

Join over 13,500 members: Download App here & Receive $10 in HBRS tokens

📌 Google Play App Link: 📌 REF: HB13110

📌 Apple iOS App Link: REF: HB13110

Fieldcoin Ltd Will Decentralize the Agricultural Industry

Fieldcoin Ltd. Will Connect Landowners and Investors Generating Synergies


Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates property or land transactions to be carried out immediately, without intermediaries and in a secure environment.

Traditionally, at the local level, lands were negotiated in words. However, during the last few decades, globalization has distanced the owners from local investors. During the last few years, land owners and agrarian businesses have noticed how intermediaries changed – a change that affects both local economies and global markets.

Fieldcoin is using the current legal framework combined with blockchain technology to allow for faster and cheaper transactions. In this situational framework, Fieldcoin Ltd. provides sufficient tools to restore natural order.

The Fieldcoin platform is a digitized ecosystem for management and transfer without the high commission costs. It is a meeting point in which to trade locally or globally immediately and reliably. There are 2 ownership levels: “offchain”, to comply with national regulations and “onchain”, registered and negotiable in the blockchain. In their documentation they detail the offchain operations as follows:

“Fieldcoin Ltd or a third-party company DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) owns the property titles registered in the national land registry. The owner of the token owns a part of the company that represents the specific land acquired in the platform.”

Digitizing the Agricultural Sector by Offering Empowerment and Infrastructure Is Fieldcoin’s Immediate Objective

This is where onchain operations come into play. Logic is imposed and offers solutions to problems that have haunt us for decades. Sometimes, we see how some initial offer does not consolidate the idea presented, for different reasons. It is for this reason that the operating ecosystem must be precise and orderly. Creating a stable transactions instrument is the starting point. Taking advantage of the potential of blockchain technology, the platform will facilitate the process of operating with lands, thus opening an ecosystem of incalculable magnitudes.

The agrarian and industrial sector are inevitably united for logical reasons. However, the digital breach has increased in this pairing. It requires global solutions that promote the digitization of the sector that are solid and reliable.

For this, the founders and a large team of professionals have coordinated efforts with the Fieldcoin platform being the resulting product – a decentralized global marketplace that is involved in a whole platform of agrarian services and operations.

Fair Empowerment and P2P Crowdfunding, First Steps to Consolidate Adoption

FieldCoin will provide a transparent environment where collective financing will be promoted. In order to improve the sector, current innovations and results will be progressively seen. In the agricultural business sector, we find a broad spectrum in which to deepen.

Online management is something rooted for new generations. However, agriculture is a sector in which more traditional owners and investors converge. Fieldcoin puts a global market that operates 24/7 in the palm of your hand. In that market, another use case for the FCO token will take shape – funding. In the third quarter of 2019, the first agribusiness crowdfunding round is planned.

The platform will process proposals for improvement, research, scaling, and renovation among others. If we take into account the owners’ side, the change is total. The uncertainties and extra costs associated with intermediaries – operations with points of opacity, delays in collections, and abusive commissions – are all but eliminated.

Supporting the local farmer requires planning and, Fieldcoin will provide agricultural scaling plans. The synergy is materialized by supporting modern techniques, enhancing profitability and sustainability. The most realistic and innovative agricultural projects will be chosen and investors will be part of the equation with their contributions.

A More Efficient, Liquid and Sustainable Market That Offers Economic and Social Benefits

The Fieldcoin platform offering multiple use cases, all of which are linked together by the FCO token. Through the platform, land owners can access and manage a complete and diverse range of services.

In terms of buying or selling land, the panel offers an interactive portal from within its software. Buyers across the globe are connected through a panel oriented to crop management. The panel is meticulously designed, in addition to acquiring offers management on these plots or lands.

If on the other hand you want to build infrastructure or assess land, the panel itself consists of the necessary functions and enables access to a large team of professionals available to offer 24/7 support, something never seen in the rural sector. In addition to the aforementioned, on collective financing initiatives, liquidity variants are offered.

The FCO tokens will be considered valid as collateral, facilitating liquidity in the form of loans to token holders. In terms of liquidity and use case, the Depository Network (DEPO) has secured the first place. The decentralized multi-platform collateral Infrastructure will list the FCO token, accepting it as collateral for loans and deposits.

Utilizing traditional methods, many landowners receive payments for their crops months late. Therefore, the fact of tokenizing lands in a p2p ecosystem will offer a time frame according to natural needs. We will no longer see the producers having to wait months to be paid for their efforts and harvest. It’ll be finished with FCO.

Details About the FCO Token Sale Offered by Fieldcoin Ltd

FCO is an ERC-20 token whose value has been set at $0.05. The token sale will be offered in 2 different stages. Out of the 1 billion total token supply, 790 million are available for purchase by investors. The sum is distributed between the initial presale phase and the subsequent public sale. Additional amounts will be distributed as detailed in the white paper.

The first stage (presale) will run from February 4 to 12 and offers investors a 100% bonus for the first $1 million raised.’

The public sale begins on April 2 and will feature variable bonuses. For the first 100 million FCO tokens sold during the public sale, investors will be rewarded with a 50% bonus. The bonus decreases by 10% for each subsequent 100 million tokens.

Traceability from Land to Fork, Management 3.0 in a Fast and Transparent Ecosystem

In terms of services, blockchain technology ensures serious difficulties when someone tries cheat entries or registrations; With blockchain almost impossible to manipulate, the advantages over the traditional paper model for managing data records and their handling are evident. With these advantages, an entire ecosystem of global renewal enters the scene based on the traceability of food. The first to notice the benefit is the consumer, who enjoys freshness in their daily food guaranteed via blockchain.

The proposed model registers food inputs and outputs on the blockchain. Besides saving paper costs and rudimentary traditional methods, it speeds up the mobility of data interoperability because it is public and everybody can check the transaction history.

Times are changing, and new technologies offer greater accuracy managing Big Data. In terms of human resources, that records are stored publicly, reliably and safely brings effectiveness and profitability to management. In this way, professionals in the sector can spend less time in banalities and provide high quality information to customers, farmers and plot owners.

The Platform Will Promote Training and Sustainability, Both Local and Global Levels, Through the Fieldcoin Foundation

If you find the project presented by Fieldcoin Ltd (London, UK) interesting, we invite you to discover more. From the following official links you will be able to find information about the initiatives of The Fieldcoin Foundation. Among some initiatives are: The program of access to basic services such as water and electricity. Promote local employment through agricultural education and improve logistics by improving infrastructures in the prolific zones and their respective roads; Facilitate access to areas of interest for the project, local communities and their stakeholders.

Official Fieldcoin links:

  • bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 8,023.00 0.22%
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 252.31 2.26%
  • rippleXRP (XRP) $ 0.397595 4.81%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 412.66 2.35%
  • eosEOS (EOS) $ 6.26 2.15%
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 91.34 3.6%
  • binancecoinBinance Coin (BNB) $ 29.17 0.19%
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 0.084842 1.16%
  • stellarStellar (XLM) $ 0.135360 4.63%
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 1.00 0.27%