Steps to get started on Bitclub Network

The steps to get started on Bitclub Network

These are the steps to get started on Bitclub Network.

1- Register absolutely FREE Register for free. You can do it with your name or completely anonymously is your free decision. As Bitclub Network only accepts payments in bitcoins, and pays commissions exclusively in bitcoins. You do not need to know who is behind each account. That is why it is possible and allowed to open as many positions as you wish. In case you have any doubts you can ask for help with just one call. They will have the possibility to clarify all their open questions in a telephone conversation with the person who recommended them.

2- Open totally free an ewallet or purse in Xapo, Blockchain or any other exchange. Once the account is verified, you deposit money in your ewallet to make your transfers to Bitclub Network. There are considerable oscillations within the bitcoin, so we recommend entering a little more than necessary in your ewallet. If you want to start with the full pool, you need 99 dollars of membership plus $ 3,500 of the pools. This means that if they are $ 3,600 in total, he recommends making a transfer of 3,800 or better than $ 4,000.

3- Buy your robots with the money entered, now for Bitcoin mining in Bitclub Network. We want to ensure that each of our collaborators is able to present our idea from the first moment. For that we teach to do it professionally to friends, acquaintances or any other. We have created exclusively for our partners, a special online system to recruit new members. Our experience shows that this system beats the best talent. This experience allows them to inform, from the first day, possible interested parties with all professionalism.

4- Enjoy your profits And now I just have to say goodbye to you ladies and gentlemen. I hope I have not overloaded you with information. I trust that I could excite you a little bit, for these promising opportunities of a new era. Maybe you want to go deeper by reviewing the presentation again, it’s like everywhere practice makes perfect.

Welcome to Bitclub Network and we see each other inside. Much success in the future.

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